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Lifetime Foster Dogs

All dogs featured on this page are permanent fosters under the care of Cinque Ports Rescue. Due to their age or ill health, all their medical expenses and living costs are met by the Rescue for the rest of their lives.
If you would like to sponsor one of our lifetime foster dogs, or donate towards their lifetime care, please contact or paypal your donation to cinqueportsrescue@gmail.co.uk 


Kia - 16 year old Crossbreed
Kia came into the care of Cinque Ports Rescue in 2011 after being left tied to a tree in a London park with an acute untreated skin allergy which had resulted in severe hairloss and infected skin. On arrival, after serving her statutory 7 days in a council pound, she was very traumatised but seemed to realise that she was safe and soon started to visibly relax.
Despite initially being aged at 8 to 10 years old by the dog warden and the vet at the pound, it transpires that her microchip has her date of birth as January 1998 which makes her currently 16 years young! 

It didn't take long for Kia's skin condition to improve with regular baths and lashings of Dermacton Itchy Skin Cream, and soon her coat began to grow back. She also suffered from occasional bouts of acute Pancreatitis but switching her on to a natural raw diet had an immediate effect and much improved her health.

Due to her advancing years we decided that she would become a CPR Sponsor dog and live out her years at CPR HQ.

In early 2014, as Kia started to get stiffer with age, we started her on regular Cartrophen injections which helped ease her aches and pain and made her much more comfortable. Things were going very well until we noticed she had a hard lump suddenly appear in her mammary area, this was quickly removed under general anaesthetic and sent off for analysis and Kia recovered well until the results arrived. It wasn't good news.

Our beloved Kia has osteosarcoma. The prognosis is very poor as it is an aggressive bone cancer which will have undoubtably already have metastasised. Due to Kia's advanced age (she'll be 17 in January 2015) we have chosen the symptom control and palliative care route for her. She is fine at the moment and living life as normal, she doesn't know she is ill, and we will take each day as it comes, and make those days as love and fun filled as possible for her.

Archie - 17 year old Corgi
 19th August 2014 update:

 It is with great sadness that I have to announce the loss of our eldest permanent foster, 17 year old Archie. He came into CPR 2 years ago and was fostered by a lovely local lady until she sadly passed away earlier this year. Since then he has been cared  for at CPR HQ, but took a turn for the worst and we made the sad decision to reunite him with his foster mum, Jean.

 Bless you little man, you will be sadly missed.


 Archie is a very calm and laid back Corgi, he is 14 years young and was taken under Cinque Ports Rescue's wing as his owner  had to change their hours at work and he was being left for increasing amounts of time. Archie is fantastic on his walks and    brilliant with other dogs. He likes his home comforts, his bed and the occasional snooze on the sofa, and he prefers carpet to  hard floors.
 He has found a lovely retired lady to spend his remaining years with, and the Rescue will cover any future medical expenses  that may occur.
Lottie - 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier
Lottie came into the care of Cinque Ports Rescue in early 2012 after her elderly owner passed away. She is a very tiny Yorkie, with much reduced hearing and eye sight, but has made herself very much at home with her new permanent fosterers and their 2 Yorkshire Terriers, in fact it is probably fair to say that she has them all wrapped firmly around her little paws!
2nd August 2012 update:
We are sad to announce that Lottie passed away peacefully in the arms of her foster mum this afternoon. She was a tiny dog with a huge presence and her foster family will miss her very much.
RIP little Lottie.