Toby is a very small Chihuahua with a big attitude!
Small and fiesty Toby has settled well in his foster home where he has been housetrained and taught to walk on a lead, he tries to be dominant with other dogs, particularly males, but has responded well to training and this is improving.
During his health check, prior to neutering, it was discovered that Toby has a heart murmur and, combined with an undescended testicle, made it a rather tense couple of hours for ourselves and his foster carers while he was in surgery. However, thanks to our wonderful vets at Lakeview Veterinary Surgery, Toby's op was very successful and he has now fully recovered.
UPDATE: As Toby has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and a soft palate, he has been kindly offered a permanent home with his fosterers where he has already made himself part of the family.