Murphy is a special little chap, at birth his mother removed the tip of his penis and sheath instead of his umbilical cord. He was seen, and treated, by a vet immediately and he was able to be returned to his litter mates. He came into our care at 7 weeks and his progress has been thoroughly monitored with regular check ups with our vet. He suffers no complications and he can toilet normally. 

It is advised that he is neutered as soon as he is mature enough, and this will be done at our expense, by our vet. Other than needing to keep his belly and sheath hair short, and to keep him dry and clean in that department, he should suffer no ill effects.

Murphy is now 12 weeks old, about to complete his vaccination course, and is ready to find his perfect home. His fosterer, Alison, has given him an amazing start, house and crate training him, keeping him socialised and introducing him to new experiences and encouraging his confidence. He is a well rounded little pup, happy to be left for a few hours, adores running around the garden, getting mucky, ragging toys and playing with his doggy and human friends, and we are looking for someone to continue and support his development as a normal terrier.

We are looking for a very special home for this little chap, we want him to rehome him locally and we make no excuses for being very particular about the home we will choose for him. He would be ideal for an active family home, with or without with school age children, who will be prepared to take him to basic training classes to ensure he continues to develop into a well behaved and socialised mature dog. Ideally he would like a canine playmate to share his home with.

Murphy is microchipped, worm & flea treated and vaccinated. It will be a strict condition of the adoption agreement that he comes back to our CPR Vet to be neutered at our expense.

If you are interested in offering Murphy a home, and can fully meet his needs, please contact us at

All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.