Mo & Max

Mo & Max are mother and son Cocker Spaniels. 

6 year old Mo has an amazing gentle nature and loves and trusts everyone, unfortunately this is not the case with 4 year old Max. He needs time and space to learn to trust in his own time, suspicious of strangers but great with people he knows. Max needs time, patience and to be allowed to come to you in his own time, he is not to be pressured as he can become wary and display undesirable behaviour. This will be discussed in full with any potential adopters. Once Max has learned to trust he is a wonderful dog and is great out outside the home on walks with other dogs and people.

Max is currently sporting a full shave as he was extremely matted on arrival here. His coat was restricting his movement and was painful for him, we had to have his coat completely removed at the vets under sedation and the difference in his behaviour was immediately apparent, he got his wag back!

We are looking for a home for these two together and, although Mo is happy with anyone and anywhere, Max looks to her for reassurance when he feels insecure. To split them up would be detrimental to Max's well being.

We are looking for an experienced home with absolutely no children, or visiting children. Both dogs are happy to be left for a few hours but we would prefer someone around for most of the day. Both dogs are clean and quiet in the house and great outside the home environment in open spaces and with other dogs and walkers. In pressurised situations (vet visits etc) Max can get very stressed but we will advise any potential adopters of his triggers and how we have best learned to deal with them to benefit Max.

Please don't apply unless you have read this description carefully, we are happy to talk to anyone who would like more information about Mo & Max but we will be extremely careful about choosing the correct home for them both.

Both Mo & Max are neutered, microchipped, worm & flea treated and vaccinated.

If you are interested in offering Mo & Max a home together please contact us at

All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.