Lola is a Pug Chihuahua cross, only 17 weeks old and looking for a new home as her previous family were allergic to her. She is a typical pup interested in everything, loving and very lively and playful however it was obvious as soon as we picked her up that she had not received any initial lead or housetraining. After only a short time in foster she is now clean overnight and has just realised that it's okay to toilet in the garden, her lead training is still ongoing and her mouthing is getting less each day. 

Lola will need a home where her training is continued and it will be a condition of her adoption that she attends a positive reinforcement puppy training course. She is very intelligent, if a bit lazy, and is now responding well to her new boundaries and repetitive positive training and this will need to continue in her new home to ensure she grows into a well behaved dog. 

Lola is proving to be good with children and other dogs.

Lola is vaccinated, microchipped and wormed and it will be a requirement of the adoption agreement that she will be neutered at an appropriate age (proof of neutering will be required from your vet).
If you are interested in offering Lola a home please contact for an application form
All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption & neutering agreement and fee are required.