Logan is a lively 2 year old hairless Chinese Crested Dog. He is an absolute sweetheart with people, very friendly and eager to please and has responded very well to training in his previous home. Being a large, well muscled Crested he does require regular energetic walks and runs as well as mental stimulation, he is a very bright dog. He loves his toys to death...literally, no stuffed toy is safe! He is also very ball obsessed, nothing is more precious to Logan than a bright green tennis ball, he will guard this prized possession from other dogs, so he has his dedicated ball time with his foster mum away from her other dogs.
This gorgeous chap is very playful and loves the company of other dogs, particularly Cresteds, but can be dominant with some males so we are looking to home him with female doggy companions.
Cinque Ports Rescue will only home Logan to those with prior knowledge of the breed, or can demonstrate they have researched this breed thoroughly. As Logan is a hairless dog a regular skincare regime is necessary and he will require clothes for walks in the colder months and skin protection in the Summer. Logan adores the company of his humans so we are looking for a home where someone is around for most of the day.
Logan is neutered, microchipped, wormed and flea treated.
All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and fee are required.