Kookie & Hope

June 2014:
Please meet Kookie & Hope, they are 2x 18 month old American Cocker girls who have come into our care with a prolonged skin condition and untreated flea infestation. Hope has also got a severe eye infection, the results of which will require lifelong treatment.

Now in our care, these girls have been seen by our vet and have started their treatment to alleviate their symptoms. They are now settling in to their respective foster homes but it will be a long while before they will be anywhere near ready to find loving homes of their own. 

Please help them by supporting our fundraising efforts which will pay for their continuing veterinary treatment. 

September 2014 update:
Kookie and Hope have had a long road to recovery, Kookie is much better and putting on weight steadily, but Hope has a chronic eye condition and has been suffering with gastric issues which has affected her weight gain. Both these girls have made themselves very much at home and, due to their long term rehabilitation and strong bond they have together, their foster mum has offered them a permanent sanctuary, and we couldn't be happier. Congratulations Kookie & Hope!