Holly is a 4 year old Blenheim who has come into our care. During her initial veterinary check it was discovered that she is quite heavily pregnant so has gone to a foster home experienced in whelping and we will update you on her progress very soon.

We are pleased to announce that Holly gave birth this morning (19/04/13) to a healthy little boy who has been named Solo.

1/05/13 Update

Unfortunately poor Holly was unable to provide enough milk to feed Solo after the first couple of days and despite veterinary attempts to increase it Solo had to be hand fed by his foster careers every 2 hours. Luckily we were aware of a local dog, Rosie, who had given birth the same weekend as Holly and also had only one pup. We made the decision to try Solo with Rosie as a potential foster mum and she successfully accepted him as one of her own. Whilst the decision we made is sad for Holly it does ensure Solo the best chance of survival, it also means Solo now has a foster sibling which is good for both pups as they grow up together over the next couple of months. 


After initially missing Solo, Holly has been enjoying lots of attention and fuss at her foster carers' and has already received a fantastic home offer.

Holly has been suffering from recurrent impaction of the anal glands so today she has had them removed completely, and while she was under anaesthetic she also had 9 teeth removed. She is recovering well and will feel much improved after a few days.

23/06/13 Update
Solo and his foster sister Milly are now 9 weeks old and have had their first injections, microchips and health check so are off to their new homes today. Everyone at CPR would like to say a huge thank you to Lourdes and Jade for initially hand rearing Solo in the first few crucial days, and to Emily and her dog Rosie for accepting Solo and becoming his lifeline allowing him to grow into the strong and healthy young dog that he is now. Only a few weeks ago we weren't sure if Solo would survive, so it is amazing to see how well he is now and a joy to know he is moving on to the next stage of his life in his forever home.