Frankie is a 7 year old Pug who has settled well in her foster home but during her veterinary checks we have discovered that she has a luxating patella on her left hind leg and is scheduled for surgery and 6 weeks crate rest before she is fit enough to start looking for her new home.

This surgery will give her leg stability and improve her quality of life, but is also expensive and we are appealing for funds to help pay for her operation. 

Donations towards Frankie's operation can be made direct to our account at Lakeview Veterinary Surgery, Union Road, Deal, Kent, Tel. 01304 375571 or via PayPal to

27/01/14 Update:
Frankie has now had her operation and is now recovering, on strict crate rest, in her foster home.

6/02/14 Update:
Unfortunately Frankie has had to have her leg re-operated on and has had her cruciate ligament repaired also this time, so poor Frankie is still on strict crate rest but she is being such a good girl, the perfect patient...even if she does look rather miserable!

7/03/14 Update:
Frankie is recovering well from her second operation and is now having 2x 10 minute on lead walks a day to build up her leg muscle and stamina. She is now fully weight bearing on her leg and is very happy with her new found freedom. 

Her foster family have spent so much time with her and absolutely adore her, they were heartbroken at the thought of her eventually leaving so they have offered her a permanent home, so congratulations Frankie on finding your forever family!