Haiti's Water Problems

The CIA FactBook & World Health Organization (WHO) list Haiti's major water-borne diseases as: bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, cholera and typhoid.

Many of these problems are linked to the lack of education (52% literacy rate), severe erosion and the contamination of fecal materials into public drinking and bathing waters- only one out of five Haitians have access to a toilet.

In fact, Haiti's deforestation problem is so bad that the border between the country and the Dominican Republic can clearly be seen due to the excessive.  Trees are cut down at alarming rates to be used for fuel, but the result is a barren lands that become prone to erosion. The sediment is then lifted up and carried to the water ways. This poses a problem as larger sediment traps harmful bacteria, viruses and heavy metals and introduce them into the water.

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