Poke Art
Where Pokeart Comes to life:D


I tend to get bored in my math Class so i start drawing in a little pink notebook. I never get in trouble though i do sit in the front row which shows you how much teachers focus on their lecture...

Sorry I never Colored Azelf in I love This trio. Hey can any of you read whats on uxie's book?

Gardevoir is my Favorite pokemon And the head of my team, which makes you wonder why i have jirachi all over my signture and Avie. Who knows...

I did this on valentines day ( like you couldn't figure that out...) Any ways i though Dawn was good but Lucas needed some work. Personally i think Daimon came out splendid:D And up in the Corner is Won't you be my valentine in either Japenese or Taiwanese i asked my friend..

This is randomly a pokemon trainer i created of some of my favorite pokemon.


Oh now this one is my sisters favorite:D Its Blue, my friend kept drawing hearts all over it...

Yeah some of the color on my pictures went weird it originaly didn't look like this.

This is also one of my favorite Pictures But minun could of used some work. And i love the lightening Under plusle's name:D

Awww! Mew is so so so so so so so so Adorable ~Kyaa! Sitting on her pink bubble.

Ahh the color is weird her to actually makes it look kind of cool..

Aww!! their so cute together:D~Desu!

I worked so hard on this in my english class and my math class If you don't recongize the girl in the bottom middle she's my girl i created, pink:D

Its about time we saw a Jirachi pick amazingly a good picture. :D

My new eevee evolution Stareon:D

My other new eevee evolution, wingeon:D

In pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 This was my main character named Noey, Guess what pokemon she.

This picture came out brighter than i imagined i actually like it its my partner For PMD2 His name is Jay.

Chimecho lady:D!


It wont let me edit this picture for some reason. guess what pokemon she is..

I never got to color this in but still very cute:D