Monksea's Art 2
Yeah more art!!

This was going to be summitted to neopets but i didn't send it:( Do you think i should summit it?

 That just says it all:) Please do recycle:D

YAY! I luv Twinleafshipping:D I do intend to color this eventually;D

The scanner mixed up the color but im still proud of this picture:D

FranticShipping Forever! I aslo intend to color this too;D



The next few pics are a string of pictures to illastrate (spelled wrong but whatev) the lyrics of the song. Right now im making this into a movie so watch it on youtube when i finish it i'll post the lyrics here in order of the pics

You are my love ~Boy V.~

The faint scent of tears
On my rain soaked cheeks

The warm look on the face
Of travelers


The music from our childhood
Faintly echoes in the background

The memories I hopelessly try to remember

Wander aimlessly

But with these tiny wings, launched by my dreams.....
As you can see im still working on it so yeah i'll finish it eventually