A variety of produced and speculative scripts for your entertainment



A young woman becomes a widow when she and her husband are attacked by a werewolf. Now a fugitive from the authorities, the widow has until the next full moon to kill the beast before she too becomes a werewolf with an unholy lust for human flesh.


Piranha Park


When a group of high school seniors break into an abandoned water park, they become trapped inside with a deadly mutant strain of piranha that evolve as they feed moving higher and higher up the food chain.


The Knightmare


When a novice actor inherits the power of the serial superhero, The Knightmare he must stop his predecessor's arch-enemy from destroying Los Angeles with a chemical bomb turning everyone into flesh hungry zombies. This is a four part motion picture serial.


Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four


The Skull (first draft)


When anamnesiac returns from the dead after being burned alive, he seeks vengeance against the masked criminals who stole his face and identity by becoming the mysterious creature known as The Skull!




Produced in 2003 by York Entertainment. Co-written with Jason White and Emmanuel Itier.


The Sound


A team of young scientists find themselves trapped in a secret research facility with a nanotechnology intelligence that feeds on sound.


Grrlz with Gunz


Story by me. Script by James Felix McKenney. When her daughter is kidnapped during a bank robbery a young mother kidnaps one of the robbers and forces her to recover the child before her estranged colleagues sell the child.