Hi, A big welcome from Cindy May to my site!
I'm so pleased that you have taken the trouble to find it. So often, when you reach an internet site, you find an all singing all dancing site with lots of fancy gadgets, but think afterwards that it was a total waste of time, or just a con to try to get money out of you. I hope that when you navigate away to fresh pastures, you will not feel that.
First of all what is this site about? That's nice and simple to answer. It introduces the Adult Romance Novels I have written!  If you are under 18, then you really shouldn't be looking for something about ADULT content, so you should stop reading now.
I guess my novels fall somewhere between Adult Romance and Erotica. but precisely where is hard to say, as I am not sure that either category is strictly relevant!  In Romance, there is a mandatory, "Girl Meets Boy, Loses Him, Wins him back", and then the HEA - Happy Ever After ending.
If the novel is 350 pages long you know who the good girl is on page one, and who the bad girl is, and that she will try to trash her. By definition, you know what the ending will be on page 350, so why bother to read the other 348 pages?
There is NO other field of fiction where everything is that predictable. OK, you may say we don't want weepie romances, where the good girl loses the guy, and I agree, but does it really have to be so predictable? What if there is more than one good girl, or more than one good guy, so there is suspense? 
With Erotica, 'HEA' is not necessary, so the good girl will not necessarily ride off into the sunset in the arms of her perfect lover, but erotica often treats the heroine as nothing more than a pegboard to move the holes from one orgasm to the next. The only purpose her brain serves is to co-ordinate the movements of her limbs to the next bed, back of a van, back alley etc, and to keep everything functioning.  The heroine is a set of holes and not a person, and y'know that's true. but I think it stinks, as it is demeaning to women.
No matter how good the sexy bits are, I get turned off with that sort of approach. I want characters who are real people that I can like or hate, but characters at the end of the day. I want them to have feelings and emotions. Rather than the 'pegboard girl', who behaves like a clockwork mouse, I want characters whose conduct is influenced by their nature, their hopes, their fears and their background. When you meet Jacqui, you will wonder what dumb idea will float into her brain next? If she hasn't got a problem, which is unusual, she'll find something dumb to do so she does.  If you were her friend, she would drive you mad, but she does need you.
Very often my characters find themselves in difficult situations where none of us, if we are honest, would like to be. Success or failure depend on their own qualities, on the support or hostility of others, and on sheer luck. That, if we are willing to admit it, is how the world really is! 
In my novels the heroines often have a tough time, and in a few cases a tragic time, but that is life. If you read a novel set in a USAAF or RAF wartime fighter wing, if every pilot who is there on page one is still there at the end of the book, it's fantasy time!  Usually the Hero does make it, and it is the supporting cast who fall by the wayside, and the same happens in my novels, although so far we have not had a wing of girl fighter pilots in any of 'em! 
In passing, let me throw out one other beef!  We ALL know the difference between the Hero and the hero in Romance novels, but why is she a little hero and why is HE a BIG HERO?  That just ain't fair, especially as she is usually the one that gets most of the grief.
Apart from being bored with the HEA and pegboard girls, I like some moral to the story. I guess that started with my first novel, Gold Medal Momma, and Kitty. She's real cute, but guess where she comes from? She's a trailerpark girl, and EVERYONE knows what sort of trash they are. Kitty knows she's a trailertrash girl, and as she stumbles into a romance, the pressures start to build up.
Well, I have news for you. No-one, but no-one, is trash just because of where they live. Period! You can find nasty people in every level of society from a trailer park to a penthouse, but how often have you heard of a Luxury Penthousetrash girl?  The phrase is so way out that it does not begin to make sense does it? Trailertrash does make sense, and it shouldn't.
OK, I'd better get off my soapbox.
Now if I can work out how to develop pages for my novels then this site may work, but computers and I do not get on too good ! If you expect an "All singing, All Dancing" site with naked girls who pop up from nowhere, well you'll be disappointed. First off, I don't think that helps get the message across, and secondly it's totally beyond me in any case.
Later addition to the text: Gee, I managed it, and I think it even works!
The page called Reading Suggestions tells you the chronological order of the stories, so if you want to read them in order, take a look there first.  It's there because I have seen comments on series by other authors about how frustrating it is to read "spoilers" in a later episode to a book you have not yet read.
The "WHATNOTS" sections includes
"My Soap Box" This gives me a chance to say a few things that I think ought to be said.
"Random Thoughts" is what it says.
"Would she really have done that?" is a look at how our attitudes to sex have changed over hundreds of years and relates to the minefield that is historic romance. No-one bats an eyelid if the heroine (no I am not gonna call her little "hero"), drops her panties on page one if she is eccentric enough to wear them. What about the heroine in Victorian days? Would she really have done that?
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