The District

Every resident of HRM is immediately in two districts: their municipal council district and their school board district. Each has its own numbering system. The constituents of school board District 4 are the residents of municipal District 7, Peninsula South and Downtown, and municipal District 9, Peninsula West and Armdale. There is one school board member for every two municipal districts. Here's a visual tour of the schools of the district. 

Halifax Regional School Board District 4 includes:

  • HRM District 7.  This municipal district bisects the peninsula from west to east along Cornwallis, Cogswell and Quinpool and then dips south to Jubilee at Oxford. The district encompasses the entire southern end of the peninsula as defined by this east-west dividing line. District schools include: 

  • HRM District 9.  This municipal district starts where District 7 leaves off, heading out Oxford Street to Bayers Road and from there over to Connaught and out to the Windsor Street Exchange. It then doubles back along Joseph Howe to Highway 102, going as far out as Northwest Arm Drive and over to Williams Lake Road. The district encompasses the area described by this boundary on three of its sides and the Northwest Arm on its fourth. District schools include: