"Cindy would make a fantastic board member. She is diligent and extremely interested in the well being of HRM schools. She has been very active for many years at Saint Mary's Elementary School participating in a number of positions. Her experience, dedication and mindfulness make her an excellent choice." Michele Gerard, former PTA President Saint Mary's Elementary and owner, Atlantic News

"Cindy Littlefair has a demonstrated record of commitment to strengthening communities.  I can cite many examples; however, these are the first two that come to mind:  Cindy worked very hard and effectively on our successful campaign to prevent the closure of Saint Mary's Elementary School.  Cindy also took on a leadership role in organizing a memorial service for Raymond Taavel which helped unite and heal diverse communities.  Cindy is a caring community activist who works well with groups of people even when they do not agree with her or each other." Leonard Preyra, MLA, Halifax Citadel-Sable Island

"As the Municipal Representative for District 12, Halifax- Downtown, I have had the great honour of working with Cindy on several occasions including opposing the attempted closure of Saint Mary's School. Cindy is a well versed individual with a passion for serving the public. I fully endorse her run for the Halifax Regional School Board and wish her well in her future." Dawn Sloane, HRM Councillor District 12

"Cindy would be an absolutely excellent choice for the HRSB. Her experience, open-mindedness, willingness to work together, respect for all perspectives and roles, as well as her commitment to public education make her just perfect person for such a role." Shelley Thompson, Saint Mary's Elementary PTA

"The first time I met Cindy Littlefair, she was manning a fall fair stall at Saint Mary's elementary, where she was the chair of the
school advisory committee for a number of years. As a next-door neighbour of the school, I have got to know her rather well. She has always impressed me as a dedicated volunteer. Her effectiveness is sharpened by her humour and good-natured ability to effectively get on with people.
Saint Mary's had a near-death experience in 2009 and it was during that time that I offered my services as a member of the school board. Voters wisely preferred David Cameron and he has done an excellent job. I am sure Cindy would be a good successor to him. She was particularly effective in leading Saint Mary's through the closure threat. During that difficult period, she impressed me as a person and a parent who had the depth of character to see the need for the school board to function effectively for the benefit of all students, not just for those at her school. At the same time, she has earned her spurs as a champion of individual schools and their value as precious community institutions that need to be taken care of. She has proved she can do that." David Bentley, Publisher, allnovascotia.com