There are two ways of paying for a Yoga Leela class:

  • A per visit fee ($6 to $20 based on one's financial ability) payable in cash
  • A punch card of 10 classes payable through cash, check or credit

Please come in 10-15 minutes early so we could check you in, update email addresses, share information, commune, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much does the punch card cost?

The punch card costs $50 to $200, the lower amount being for people in financial hardship.

  • Who keeps the punch card?

Yoga Leela does. This way you don't need to remember to bring your punch card with you.

  • Is the Punch Card actually punched?

No. You will initial the punch card each time you check in.

  • Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. Square charges about 3% for the service. You may want to include a small additional amount to cover the convenience fee. Cash or Check (made out to Yoga Leela) are preferable.

  • Is there an expiration date?

No. As long as Yoga Leela is in operation, the punch card will be honored.

  • Can I still pay for one class at a time?

Yes. The suggested per visit fee is $5 to $20 on a sliding scale.

  • What if I cannot pay anything?

One can barter their time and talents such as graphic and website design, event planning, photography, etc. Please talk to Ray.

  • Can I use the punch at other Yoga Leela locations?

Yes. The punch card is honored at any of the locations where Yoga Leela meets.

Special offer for Students

For four years, we offered our classes on a donation-basis which allowed many to attend free. In September of 2018 we made the classes fee-based to cover rent, insurance, supplies, etc.

As a way of paying it forward, we would like to offer free classes to regular Yoga Leela attendees who are students, with the following requirements:

  1. College and high school full-time student ID (doesn't apply to middle school and grade school students).
  2. Commitment to be a regular practitioner with Yoga-Leela (if they're not current members, we will ask for them to pay $30, which we will happily refund them after 10 classes.)
  3. If they cannot commit to be a regular practitioner, they can continue to pay a per class fee of $3.

Please note that this is still an experiment that could be modified as needed.

No time for a full yoga session?

Try our 15-minute yoga series. 15-minute Yoga Session