About Us

What type of yoga is it?

Yoga Leela is a form of traditional yoga called Sangha (Community) Yoga. Sangha Yoga (as opposed to commercialized western yoga) is focused not on yoga as a business but on bringing people of different backgrounds and ages together to form a wellness community.

Yoga is a "movement" meditation that attempts to bring the body, mind and spirit together even for a short length of time during our 60+ minutes of practice. Students are encouraged to embark upon their own internal spiritual journeys even as they flow with the class. Breathing is also emphasized as a way of creating mindfulness.

These are multi-level classes. Everything is optional, except breathing.:)

What is leela?

Our style of yoga is called yoga leela, leela meaning play. We hope people bring a sense of child-like play to their practice. When you're a child, you're stress-free because you don't have a past to regret and a future to be anxious about. Just like a child, you live in the moment. You concentrate and anchor your mind to the here-and-now. You focus on your breath, the music, the dance of the spine between the earth and the sky (another definition of yoga), and the movement of muscle against tendon, ligament and bone. The human condition--the burdens on our hearts as we enter the sacred practice area--have a bearing on our practice but we can re-focus on the present moment by using sensory perceptions and spiritual concepts like respect, hope and devotion. This leela, this play, is an hour-long vacation from adulthood. It energizes us to go out into the world and work for compassion and justice.