2017 March Survey Results

81 Responses

Excerpts/Samples from Feedback (with names removed):

“Yoga Leela has done so much to calm my spirit and provide an avenue for a more fruitful existence. Additionally, it has provided me the ability to participate without competition with the added benefit of strengthening my body as well as my soul. This program is a must and has multiple benefits and is a must to continue.”

“Would give a big void if was not in my life. This is both physically and spiritually. Helps to relieve stress for me as well.”

“Through Yoga Leela I have been able to become more flexible and stronger. My balance has also improved. I have greater ability to focus on the moves and do feel accomplished after each class.”

“It keeps me connected.”

“It's a great and balanced mix of body strengthening with a restorative mind/spirit component.”

“It is a wonderful gift of community, yoga, spiritual and loving energy shared.”

“For me, Yoga Leela is an oasis in the craziness of life. I can meet other community members while working on strength, balance, and mindfulness..”

“Wonderful class…More than yoga. A community.”

“have given me new found flexibility, strength and compassion. Within 6 weeks I've regained a sense of my body and resolve to prioritize my health. Sharing the yoga values you've explained -in our community space - gives me a sense of hope and safety.”

“I find peace there. And strength.”

“My flexibility is back to where it was as a young girl and even better in the core area… In an era where people tend to associate with others most like themselves, it is refreshing to be in a group rich in diversity and acceptance. Yoga brings us together and you have fostered an atmosphere of understanding and compassion among us. I feel more globally aware and connected as you discuss the relationships among all people and events. It gives me the opportunity to get outside of my own thoughts and problems and instead think about others. This, as well as the breathing and exercise, releases stress which is much appreciated and beneficial.”

“Positive community atmosphere and truly exceptional yoga practice.”

“The feeling I have after a class leaves me feeling fulfilled for days.”

“It keeps me healthy in mind, body, and spirit so I can continue to do the type of work I do.”

“Has been a sanctuary through the stress of life.”

“Yoga is the best part of my daily life.”

“I am so grateful for the physical, mental, emotional and social strength I gained from this. I actually get a lift on my way to class.”

“Leela Yoga challenges my spirituality and helps break down my biases in addition to the challenge of the physical demands. I am a lot healthier because of Yoga Leela.”

“I LOVE the Leela Yoga classes! I love the sense of community that the class promotes, which I feel we are sorely lacking in our country today.”

“Physically I feel so good after practicing Yoga, spiritually I am fed by having this chance to focus on what unites us.”

“Genuine yoga not just the exercise.”

“Yoga has made my life better because of the stretching and the breathing. It allows me to deal with problems that much easier.”

“Finding this class has been one of the best things. It is a great chance to be mindful and strengthen yourself. It is a welcoming group that makes me feel at home.”

“I love the authentic teaching style and the feeling of inclusion of these classes. I also love that I can feel challenged and safe at the same time.”

“i love that yoga leela is blind to age, ability, race, or class, and takes place in the spirit of generosity and community. it is an antidote to greed and self-absorption.”

“These seemingly short classes leave such a profound effect on the participants but also on the people these students come in contact with. Once you tap into that light and love its impossible for it not to shine through. This is how I feel after every class, high off of life, hoping and praying that my light may touch someone else's.”

“I've seen a lot of improvements in my life because of yoga leela.”

“Been dealing with neck and hand pain for almost a year and I always feel best after… class. Great community offering.”

“I found Yoga Lela a little over a year ago when I was struggling with depression and looking for balance in my life. Not only have I found a better balance, but now I can reach beyond my toes! I hope that if I keep at it I will one day be able to finally do the airplane series without wobbling or falling over.”

“These sessions are so much. more than just a physical exercise. They add richness and thoughtfulness to our personal lives, as well as creating a sense of community. I've never experienced any of these in other yoga situations.”

“We have never attended a class like this one and really enjoy it.”

“Yoga Leela means so much t o me! The environment is so peaceful and nurturing, I feel empowered spiritually as well as physically every time I go. I have noticed that I am not experiencing the back, shoulder or foot pain that I experienced in the past. It is physically challenging, but also enstilling with encouragement and confidence. More importantly, this is the only yoga I have ever been to that I felt really able to become present to my body, the others in the room, people everywhere, and the earth and creatures that we share it with. In light of the political tide in our country, this is one of my few places of refuge and asylum, it restores my faith in love and hope for our future.”

“I LOVE this class! The intent is to be fun, and it is. Low pressure/stress since Ray is always saying things like "your hands may or may not come together," etc. His description of each and every move makes it easy to follow along. Yet we're getting a thorough, well-rounded Yoga workout. I can really feel an improvement in my strength and flexibility… I've been to several Yoga classes at the Rec Center over the past few years, and this is not only the best, but also the only one where attendance has progressively increased week by week. It's been the opposite with other classes.”

“When I "joined" last year I was not in a good place emotionally. I am so grateful for the physical, mental, emotional and social strength I gained from this. I actually get a lift on my way to class.”

“It has been a life-changing experience for me. That can never be undone. I have made new friends which is very valuable.”

“A blessing.”

“Started with you back in the summer of 2015. Thoroughly enjoy your way of yoga. Also in January of 2016 we lost a young family member…to a heroin overdose. Yoga, and a lot of your words … and way of teaching, helped me a lot through such a bad time.”