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Short dipole for 60 meter Tropical Band

hort dipole for 60 meter Tropical Band

By Enrique A. Wembagher, Argentina

HCDX Antenna Special, 1 August 2004

This is an antenna specially calculated for the tropical 60 meter band, with instructions for those who do not possess a lot of space attheir locations.

This antenna is a short dipole made up of inductores (L1 /L2) in half of each arm, based with the concept of inductive load.

Dimensions of 60 meter tropicall dipole
The dimensions are shown in the figure. The L1/L2 can be built on tubes of PVC; the feeding slope to the receiver can be either coax of 50 or 75 ohms.


Antenna: A total of 12 meters of wire, with a diameter of about 2 mm, divided into four sections. Insulators cn be of porcelain or PVC. To fasten the antenna one can use , thread of clothes for the anchorage.

L1/L2: Two tubes of PVC of 5 cm (2 inches) of diameter and approximately 20 cm of longitude. Roll 60 turns of wire of 1.5 mm on each tube, closely wound. A length of 10 meters of wire should be sufficient for each inductor.

The diagram above show the disposition of the antenna with its respective inductors L1/L2.