We are a congregation committed to deepening our relationships, through the Holy Spirit, with each other, our community, and our God. Our worship services, our Church School, and our Adult Bible Studies are all designed to give glory to God, instill in us a greater sense of commitment, and deepen our knowledge of God’s Word. Together, we strive to answer Christ’s call to be disciples and bring the Good News to all whom we encounter in life. We are committed to sharing the blessings God has showered on our lives with our neighbors near and far, participating in both local and denominational missions here at home and around the globe.

If you are looking for a church where you can participate in the work and worship of fellow Christians, if you are looking to deepen your understanding of God’s Word for us today, and if you want to be refreshed and uplifted in the worship of God, we invite you to join us here at UPC Cincinnatus, we’d love to have you visit.


  9:30am - 10:30am                        Worship Service
10:00am - 10:30am                        Children's Sunday                                                               School

DOLLAR PASTA MEAL - Third Saturday in January (19th)  4:30-6:00 pm

SOUP AND SCRIPTURE MEETS - Second Tuesday in December (8th) 5:30-7:00 pm 
SESSION MEETS - Second Tuesday in December (8th) 7:00 pm 
                                                                              SPECIAL DECEMBER EVENTS

 Dec 23th – Pledge cards will be dedicated.

 Dec 24th – Our annual Christmas Eve service will be held at 8:00 PM in the sanctuary.   

Dec. 30th – There will be no Sunday School.


Monday, January 21st - Pastor George is planning a Session Retreat/Visioning Day including discussions and a luncheon.  Exact details for the day are still being discussed at the time of this publication. All elders and interested church members are invited to attend. 


Feb. 10th  - In accordance with the by-laws of the United Presbyterian Church of Cincinnatus, the session calls all members to attend the Annual Congregational Meeting following the church service. The meeting is called for the purpose of reviewing reports of the church organizations and committees, to review the annual budget, and to attend to any other business properly coming before the congregation.