Cincinnati  Suprise

Hola Mr Oniell!

I hope your day is going swell Mr. Oneill and i'm very glad that your taking the time to read this. Watch Out! O, that was close. That arrow flew right over your head. It looks like the other groups don't want you to read are page because you will be so impressed that the other projects will look terrible compared to ours. Have a great winter break if you read this before then and if you read it after then, please give us a good grade were begging you! Please! 

Dennis Irwin, Julian Esquibel, Dustin Medley

A. The purpose of this project is to press the enter key on a calculator. a scenario would just to slove an algebraic equation using a complex method.

B. This model will use many dominoes, weights, a colored pencil, a pipe, and a calculator. Energy will be simple to know by using kinetic and potential energy. A simple equation to use would be PE=mgh using a height, gravity, and mass of object, potential energy can be found.

C. There are different kinds of energy transformations throughout this design. First is chemical from us pushing the first domino. Another was Kinetic Energy being transfered throughout each domino until it hits the marble which has potential energy. A method that will be used is the model will be broken into parts so energy can be found. Energy will be determined from equasions shown above.

E. The final version worked successfully during presentation. Difficulties were setting up the dominos, as well as the calculator. This project is some what reliable, but not completely. Machine malfunctions could be dominos falling, anything moving prior to the start of the machine.

F. Challenges – setting the dominos, calculator in right spot. Successes – it worked and functioned well even with limited construction time. Liked – the complexity of the machine to hit the button. It would be a lot easier to push the button another way.

Reflections – We are really proud of this project. Starting from scratch and asking around for part made it feel almost like a game show. It reminded me of a show that use to be on, Junkyard Wars, where a team had twelve hours to build a machine from thing they find in a junkyard and compete against other teams in a competition. This project was only disappointing for one reason and that was the set up at the beginning with the pivoting pencil. It was the only part that worked every time we tried it and the only thing to malfunction when we sent our project on its final run.