NAET in Cincinnati

My four year-old son wanted an ice cream cone.  It was all he talked about, but his food allergies prevented him from enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures.  To make matters worse, his two year-old brother had a terrible soy allergy – limiting the family from eating many other foods as well.  After seeing Dr. Gregory Pitman for NAET (an allergy elimination technique through acupressure), they can eat anything they want.

Prior to NAET, I had to purchase expensive allergen-free products, cook from scratch, had many scary visits to the ER, and spent lots of money at traditional allergists who always explained, “There is just nothing we can do for food allergies”.  I am now committed to helping other parents find out about NAET and Dr. Pitman (513.777.0024 or www.familytreecc.com).

For more information on NAET in Cincinnati or Dr.Pitman, visit www.naet.com.  It truly works.  Your child can have a safe and normal life.