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Introducing new items and changes on this website. If you will visit more frequently it will ease to find the changes. Newest are always on top.

16 okt 2017
New data for INFORM 2018 ( 1 sep 2017) the global, open-source  risk assessment for humanitarian crisis and disasters for 191 countries.

01 sep 2017
Updated the subpages UN OCHA and Humanitarian Respons due to an main change in the UN OCHA website.

23 June 2017
Updated all Indicators at indicator page

11 May 2017
New introducing KoboToolBox, a suite of tools to do collection of data via mobile devices 

14 Apr  2017
The Worldbank 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals read introduction by DataBlog offering a new visual guide to data and development.

19 Mar 2017
New introducing Reliefweb Apps and the Reliefweb 2016 Highlights

05 Feb 2017 
New CrisisAlert from ACAPS is available now. Download and install !! 

12 Dec 2016
This report and data is listed as one of the major Indicators

2 Dec 2016
ACAPS published its yearly summary ; The Crisis Overview 2016: Humanitarian Trends and Risks for 2017, outlines the countries where needs are greatest, and growing, as we approach the end of 2016

25 Nov 2016

20 November 2016
Do you have already an Humanitarian ID ?  You can use it not only to update your contact list while in the conflict area but check with one single profile into Reliefweb, Humanitarian Response, IASC, ACAPS and DART. If not be advised to register at https://humanitarian.id/
18 Nov 2016
Update of the How-To-Guide to version 0.3. Some of the introduction videos'are not longer available at YouTube but as they are still of value I found them back elsewhere.

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Introducing Humanitarian ID

Humanitarian ID