September 1935: The yacht CIMBA runs aground on a  reef at Fiji.
What eventually happened to the yacht after its grounding at Fiji is explained in the 
two articles below, courtesy of Motor Boating magazine and The Pacific Island Monthly magazine.

Richard "Dick" Maury (left) and Russell "Dombey" Dickinson, on board Cimba, at New York harbor, 
November 28, 1933, just prior to their around-the-world voyage.

Two  of the last known images of CIMBA moored at the sea wall at 
Papeete,Tahiti, May 1935, just prior to its voyage westward to Fiji.  
Aboard when she sailed were Dick Maury, Dombey Dickinson, and George Taggart.

Papeete, Tahiti February 5, 1935. From left to right: Dick Maury, Fredric March (the actor), two gentlemen unknown possibly connected with Hollywood, and Dombey

Richard Maury (left) with Francois Guesdon, Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, 1986.
Maury died at Santa Barbara in 1998. After "Saga of Cimba" he never wrote another book.

As a means of financing his voyage, Richard Maury wrote and submitted monthly articles to The Rudder magazine.  These images are only a few of the issues in which his articles appeared.  There were over twenty articles.  All would eventually be brought together and published in his book, The Saga of Cimba.

Article published in Motor Boating June 1944

Article published in the Berkeley Daily Gazzette, October 9, 1935.

Article published in the NY Times, December 15, 1935.

Article published in Pacific Island Monthly, June 1965

The location of CIMBA today remains a mystery.

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