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Waiting Terminal (above)  &  traffic leaving ferry --> 


Ferry waiting line (right most), Mulkilteo Speedway, N           Infront of Olympic View Middle, N, Towards Ferry








Mukilteo Blv, From OV towards Kamiak, S                                Boeing Extension / Muliteo Speedway Interchange , S


 Speedway & Bev Park, Albertsons on Right, S                              Speedway turns into 525, then 405 farther south, 
                                                                                                                             passes over 99 just below picture, N
                                                                                                                            Also could be S, Showing the overpass over 99.


Some Other Cams...

Start of I-405 (North End), passing over I-5, N                             526 & I-5, Direction changes 

 I-5 as it passes Lynnwood, WA, could be N or S                            I-5 as it passes Edmonds, WA, S