Mr. Batts's Kindergarten Class

Hi Families

I'm going to keep this classroom website very simple. I'll post the entire math curriculum and some reading/handwriting sheets. I'll also update the 'What Your Student Needs to Know' page at the beginning of each month. Please check that your child is able to meet these goals. If they can't, have your child practice these. I only have them for 2 and a half hours a day, and these kids are learning 24 hours a day. It goes a long way when they get support at home.

Math Sheets
- I'll post all the math worksheets from our current unit in one pdf file. I'll pick a few select worksheets that I feel are more important than others in single files that are easy to print.
- If printing from the large PDF collection, BE SURE TO SPECIFY WHAT PAGE(S) TO PRINT WHEN YOUR PRINT PROMPT COMES UP. Otherwise your printer will start spitting out the whole 50 page document.
- Even though these are sheets that the students may have already completed, repetition is key. This also gives you a chance to see how your child thinks and understands directions.