Computational Intelligence in Information Systems

Never before in the human history that our world is so connected and flooded with huge amount of information in the form of data that has changed and transformed the way we live and work today. Information Technology is a thing of the “past” and we are now in the era where data technology is used extensively to harness useful and meaningful information that has created huge social economic impact. These technologies include neural network, data mining, cloud technology, machine learning, Internet of Things, crowd sourcing, deep learning, and many others. 

The main goals of Computational Intelligence in Information Systems (CIIS) are to understand better these technologies and their applications so that we can use them to address the complex issues faced by the modern societies today. These technologies will not only empower us to help us shape and build a better future but improve the quality of our lives through global connectivity. The goals are challenging, exciting, and rewarding and with joint efforts, we can make great contribution and investment into our future. The CIIS conference therefore provides Institut Teknologi Brunei an excellent opportunity to attract expertise and professionals from academia and industries from all over the world to come to Brunei Darussalam for sharing, networking and collaboration.

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