The event is now finished. To know more about the research group "Communication and Information in Games on NEtworks" and our next event, we invite you to the webpage of the project.

The research group "
Communication and Information in Games on NEtworks" is organizing a summer school on networks and games, to be held in Roscoff, France, from June 19 to June 23, 2017. Matthieu Faure, Marie Laclau, Miquel Oliu-Barton, Ludovic Renou and Xavier Venel compose the organizing committee. 

The primary objective of the summer school is to expose to a selected number of PhD students and early career researchers four distinct applications of network theory: computer science/operation research, economics, game theory and statistical learning. 

Four distinguished scholars will offer six hours of lectures on their subject of expertise: Professors Ben Golub (Harvard University, economics), Tobias Harks (Augsburg University, computer science/operation research), Tristan Tomala (HEC, game theory), and  Pierre Tarrès (NYU Shanghai, statistical learning). The lectures will be formal, with proper mathematical statements and proofs. 

The summer school is funded by the project CIGNE (ANR-15-CE38-0007-01), the project SOSOSO (ANR-13-JSH1-009), the LabeX OSE, and the GDR Jeux.