Name: Johnny Parsons
Description: Creative Designer, Driving Coach, Founder of ©igmaPass with Parsons & ModSol©, Public Service Management (retired), Convenor of HubBuB

Location: Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK
Websites: ©igmaPass with ParsonsBognor Community Plan
Contact: Message me

Qualifications: MBA (Keele University) (1991), IHSM (1986), ADI No: 358619 (2007), IAM (2010)

Background: Experienced professional in security, health, social care, communications and business development.
Involved with a number of local voluntary organisations (mostly for younger people, the homeless and mental health) and business startups.
Governor at Bognor Regis Community College for many years.
I retired in 2006 after 33 years in public sector management.
Since then I have worked as a local driving instructor and I’ve created websites, virtual offices and business management/accounting systems for my own business and for friends, family and local enterprises.
I have over 30 years experience of how to use information technology and the internet for personal use or to help run businesses and enterprises, from startups to established companies with up to £50m turnover.
Expertise and experience includes creating and maintaining websites and virtual offices, using social media, digital communication, marketing, business planning, e-commerce, online diary management and scheduling, accounting, record keeping, grant applications and device integration (PC/laptop, tablet, smartphones).
I am happy to share my expertise and experience to support local individuals, good causes and community/voluntary organisations who maybe can’t afford professional advice.