Thank you for visiting the Cigar Women of Nashville web site!  This site has been designed with the woman in mind.  Our goal is to change the perception of men and women alike that believe smoking cigars is just for men.  Those days are over and the Cigar Women of Nashville intend to show the world that sophisticated women love to smoke cigars, too! 

Our goal is to appeal to the woman who loves to smoke cigars, the woman who wants to learn how to smoke cigars, and the woman who just wants to learn more about cigars.  This woman may be one and the same or she may be a woman who has a partner who enjoys smoking cigars and would like to learn more about what his/her interest is all about.  Either way we want you to join us in the cigar experience. 

We hope that our events will introduce women not only to cigars but the numerous ways in which they can be enjoyed whether at home, in their local cigar shop or out and about the Nashville region.  Also, we want to introduce women to the variety of ways you can pair a cigar with your favorite food and/or drink.

Over the years we have found that it's sometimes difficult to find locations that allow cigar smoking so we hope to introduce you to numerous places around Nashville in which cigar smoking is welcome.   

We also intend to have events for couples that enjoy smoking cigars together.  The ability to spend time with your partner is important and if you can spend time together doing something you both enjoy, then that leads to more opportunities to spend time together.

Look out men the Cigar Women of Nashville are taking over the cigar world one cigar at a time.