CIGA has a new series of shirts for 2018.  Colors are safety yellow/green, safety orange and heather gray.  All shirts have the same design with the CIGA logo on the front and back. These are short sleeves at $15 each.  Also, the heather gray is available as a long sleeve at $19.
Various sizes are available.  Orders will be considered for missing sizes.  The shirts are available at club events.
Limited quantities remaining:  Long sleeve gray  2 XXL;  short sleeve yellow/green  1 L .  No other sizes are available.
Short sleeves gray and orange:  XL and XXL are available but running low; L and M are very limited.

             Safety Yellow/Green Front                        Heather Gray Front                                    Heather Gray Back

CIGA has added a fully trackable travel tag.  Each tag has a unique tracking code with its own mission page and tracking on  Those paying 2017 annual dues get one free.  Additional tags are $5 each.  The tag package comes in a baggie with the tag, a chain and the validation code.

                                                                                          CIGA Travel Tag, 2017

CIGA has created a gold version of its club pathtag.  The pathtags are suitable for collecting or trading.  They can be logged at but are not trackable.  One free tag comes with 2015 dues.  The club sells additional tags for $4 each.  For those into trading, The Geocoin Store sells packs of 20 for $20 plus shipping.  
  CIGA Pathtag 2015

CIGA has a limited supply of geocoins issued to celebrate hosting MOGA 2013.  The coin features a spinning ammo can.  On the can is a trackable activation code.  Coins will be available at club meetings and selected events for $15 discounted to $10.  Quantity:  7 remaining.
Shipments can be made with payments through PayPal.  Add $3.50 for shipping.  The billing will be processed offline, not on the Web site here.  Contact

CIGA Coin $10

"10 years and still caching!"  CIGA is celebrating its tenth birthday with a special edition t-shirt.  Text has been added to the front and back referencing ten years.  The shirt is available at club events for $15 discounted to $10. Dark gray with lime green text and graphics. Quantity:  8 remaining, 5 L, 3 XXL.
CIGA 10 Year Shirt $10

Before the ten year celebration, the club had a dark green shirt with a white CIGA logo on front and back.  The shirt is available at club events for $15 discounted to $7.  Quantity:  3 remaining, size XL.
                                                                                    CIGA Dark Green Shirt $7