About Us

The Central Illinois Geocaching Association (CIGA) promotes geocaching in central Illinois. Members haifrom I-80 in the north to I-70 in the south, the Mississippi River to the border with Indiana.

CIGA membership is not required to attend club events.  The club invites all to participate and welcomes attendance by everyone.  New cachers are encouraged to ask questions and meet others who share their interests.  

Club meetings rotate bimonthly between Bloomington, Decatur, Champaign, Charleston, Peoria and Springfield, since they are the central locations for most members. 

CIGA started in 2004 as a social club.  It is a nonprofit organization.  It operates informally.   Board members are volunteers and receive no pay.  

Club highlights:
2013 - CIGA hosted MOGA (Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure) at Lake Shelbyville, Shelbyville, IL. 

2014 - CIGA celebrated its 10th year as a club.  The same year, CIGA hosted a CITO at GeoWoodstock in St. Charles, MO.  

2016 - Two central Illinois geocachers, working independently, achieved 100,000 finds, ranking (at that time) fifth and sixth in the world.

Annual dues are $10.  The dues fund only club activities.  The club sponsors events throughout the year.  The major activity is a picnic in June. The club provides the meat, grilling and location at no charge.