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FTF Magazine Features Peoria Geocache
A Peoria landmark known as Vanna Whitewall is a retail promotion used by a tire store.

It also has a geocache (GC35073).  Thanks to  a submission from cacher DireWolf821, FTF Magazine recognized it as a fun discovery.

CIGA Adds Lab Caches on Route 66
Ten Adventure Lab caches have been placed along Route 66, from Towanda to Springfield.  Groundspeak awarded the caches to CIGA as a club.  Board member Racer2814 combined them into a lab adventure called Route 66 - Central Illinois.

In order to play and post finds, download the free phone app called Geocaching Adventure Lab, iOS and Android.  Find the adventure by searching on the app or scanning the QR code with your phone.

Lab Caches Play in Peoria
Peoria has five new experimental lab caches.   They are visible and playable only with the phone app Geocaching Adventure Lab, iOS and Android.  They are not visible otherwise, but each location counts towards total finds.  

Groundspeak awarded five locations to Peoria Bill, CIGA board member.  Each location is a virtual find.  They are combined into an adventure called Playing in Peoria.  

The QR code takes the app to the description page.
Record a find by finding the location and answering a question.  See the CIGA Resources page for help getting started with the app.

MOGA 2020 Dates Announced
MOGA 2020 will be held Friday/Saturday April 3-4.  The brief announcement of dates only said details will come later.  

Group Photo Updated for 2019
The group photo at the top has been updated for the 2019 picnic . . . picnic #13, year #15 for the club.

Peoria Magazine Features Geocaching
The June issue of Peoria Magazine has an article on geocaching.  Written by local cacher Lee Katz, it recognizes the strong activity around Peoria, 1000 caches and three active clubs.

New Cache Across America near Decatur

The Cache Across Am
erica series has one geocache in each state.  When the Illinois cache became available, CIGA volunteered to move it to central Illinois.  GC82Z45 is located near Decatur in Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park, the site of Abraham Lincoln's first home in Illinois. 

MOGA 2020 Returning to Mark Twain Lake
MOGA announced plans for the event to return to Mark Twain Lake in northeast Missouri in 2020. No date was set at the time, although it usually occurs around early spring.

GSAK Now Free
Due to the health of the author, Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) has become freeware.  GSAK is a popular tool for managing pocket queries and posting finds in volume. 

GIFF 2018 Plays Online
If you missed a GIFF event, you can go online to see the videos in the 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival.  They are posted on YouTube.  

While everyone has a favo
rite, the Signal Award went to "TFTC" and the people's choice was about caching in Finland.

 Decatur TV Features Geocaching 
WAND TV in Decatur ran a video on geocaching using a CIGA caching family.  It was filmed in Decatur using an actual geocache.
 New CIGA Shirts Go On Sale 
CIGA is offering new shirts for 2018.  There is  something different this time --- three choices for colors -- safety yellow/green, safety orange and heather gray.  All are short sleeves at $15.  Plus, something else is new, the heather gray has a long sleeve version at $19.  The shirts are available at club events.  See the merchandise page for more pictures.

 New Illinois Star GeoArt  
Central Illinois has a new geoart, Illinois Star. It is Illinois' contribution to a project to put a star in each of the 50 states.  
There are 50 caches northwest of Canton, in a project carried out by the CIGA and PAC geocaching clubs.  They have state facts that help celebrate the state's bicentennial in 2018.  Star 01 is GC7MKPP.

 Cachers Celebrate The Shelter's 10th Birthday 
Nearly 70 cachers and family members visited Jubilee College State Park, Brimfield, to recognize the ten year history of the shetler geocache (GC17
64C) with only three finds.  Besides Illinois, attendees came from Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and the farthest traveled, Sweden. 
There were no lucky finders.  But there were FTFs elsewhere at the park, as more than 170 new caches were placed for the event.

             LEADERS IN GEOCACHING             
Two Cachers Hit 100K
Central Illinois is unique in geocaching. Two area cachers have reached 100,000 finds and were among the first ten to do so.  Cachers at this level come from various states and countries.  Only the specific central Illinois region has produced more than one.


CIGA sponsored a recognition event in Decatur for Racer2814 presenting custom art by Sixrows and giving everyone a commemorative souvenir tag.

Earlier, CIGA organized a recognition event for Fuzzy B in Peoria.  Those attending received a commemorative souvenir button courtesy of BoilMaw.

 Podcast Features Shelter Cache 
The Geocache Talk podcast featured Muther's Challenge shelter cache in its weekly program.  It included discussions with Fuzzy, the cache owner.
In case  you missed it, the program is on YouTube at this link

           WORLD CLASS GEOCACHING              
The Shelter Cache at Ten Years
It is one of the most watched geocaches in the world, 1040 watching.  It has its own Facebook page.  Commonly known as the shelter cache, the official name is A Real Challenge (Muther's Challenge), GC1764C.  

Back in 2007, Fuzzy B hid a cache at a picnic shelter at Jubilee College State Park, near Brimfield.  Since then, only three people have found it.  There have been more than 400 logged DNFs.  

"Muther" in the title is a challenge to caching friend MutherAndSun.

A ten year event will be November 4 at a different shelter nearby.  To help celebrate, Fuzzy will place 75 new caches at the park.

 Fairgrounds Lincoln Gets a Makeover 
Railsplitter Lincoln is a 30 foot figure that stands at the main entrance to the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.  After his right arm broke loose, he underwent repairs and repainting.  Here is the before and after.  

 Chicago Area Cachers Place Racer Tribute Cache 
CIGA friends in the Chicago area placed a 
tribute cache for racer2814 achieving 100K finds.  Matt Holley placed GC70KA1 in Romeoville.

 CIGA on Facebook 
For the latest news, visit the CIGA Facebook page and request access to join.  The page has 500 followers from Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

Facebook Group
CIGA on Facebook

CIGA has been geocaching in Central Illlinois since 2004.


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