Geocaching with CIGA

CIGA at MOGA 2015                                                    
As in the past, CIGA and Central Illinois were well represented at MOGA, this year at Jackson, MO. Congrats to area cachers who won prizes.

Pi R Us                                                                         
March events are a great way to kick off another caching season.  To celebrate 3.14.15, it means pie, pie, pie in Atlanta, IL.

Looking Forward to 2015                                             
The Central Illinois Geocaching Associaton (CIGA) is making 2015 another great year for caching in Central Illinois.  

Q's Amazing Race                                                         
Join us for an Amazing April 25.  Q's Amazing Race gets upgraded to a day all its own.  Details and links are at the Starting Line.

CIGA on Facebook                                                        
For the latest news, visit the CIGA Facebook page and request access to join.  The page has 490 followers from Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

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CIGA has been geocaching in Central Illlinois since 2004.

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