Geocaching with CIGA

Leap Day Events          
Celebrate leap day and earn a souvenir in your geocaching.com profile by attending an event February 29.  Check the Upcoming Events column for an event near you.

Going to the Movies       
The Geocaching International Film Festival came to central Illinois.  Decatur hosted a screening of the finalists in the annual competition sponsored by geocaching.com. As in the past, the amateur short films were filled with creativity, adventure and humor.

CIGA-SLAGA Picnic         
Two dozen cachers from CIGA and SLAGA met in Springfield to celebrate cooperation between the two clubs.  As part of the picnic, the two teams finished a friendly skill competition in a tie.  After a tie breaker toss of ammo cans, SLAGA won the trophy for a year.

CIGA Picnic IX                  
The weather gave us a break in the rain for the annual picnic at Spitler Woods State Park. Those attending got first chance to do four new gadget caches.   Several took a trail tour of the CIGA 10.  The geocoins are activated.  Log a discover, and watch for an icon in your profile.  Thanks to those who took part in the ammo can carnival. 

Q's Amazing Race          
It was a full day of activities for Q's Amazing Race in Decatur. From a pancake breakfast to CITO, flash mob, the race, ending with cookout and prizes.
While 15 teams entered, a few others opted to check out 36 new caches placed for the event.

CIGA Pathtag 2015        
CIGA has issued a new gold pathtag for 2015. Get a free pathtag with your 2015 dues.  
 Pathtags are used for collecting and trading.   See the Merchandise page for other ways to get tags. 

CIGA at MOGA 2015      
As in the past, CIGA and Central Illinois were well represented at MOGA, this year at Jackson, MO. Congrats to area cachers who won prizes.

Pi R Us                          
March events are a great way to kick off another caching season.  To celebrate Pi day on 3.14.15, it means pie, pie, pie in Atlanta, IL.

CIGA on Facebook         
For the latest news, visit the CIGA Facebook page and request access to join.  The page has 500 followers from Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

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