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CIGA at MOGA 2017

CIGA members attended MOGA 2017 at Manhattan, KS.  A CIGA member, Sixrows, won first place in the cache building contest.


CIGA Adds New Travel Tag
CIGA is introducing a new CIGA trackable travel tag. It is like any other trackable with a mission page and tracking on geocaching.com.  Send CIGA to see the world.

It is available only from the club and will be events, such as club meetings and the annual picnic. Anyone paying this year's annual dues of $10 gets one free.  Additional tags are available for $5 each. 

Chicago Area Cachers Place Racer Tribute Cache
CIGA friends in the Chicago area placed a 
tribute cache for racer2814 achieving 100K finds.  Matt Holley placed GC70KA1 in Romeoville.

Racer 100K Recognition Event
CIGA recognized Racer2814 for achieving 100,000 finds with an event in Decatur.  About 30 people attended.

The club presented her custom geoart created by Sixrows.  Those attending received a souvenir tag commemorating the milestone.

She is only the sixth person to achieve the milestone.  Find number 100,000 came December in Florida.

Springfield CITO Collects Prairie Seeds
Springfield cachers did more than the usual CITO. Working at a wildlife sanctuary in 
ation with local groups, they 
plant seeds for prairie regrowth.

CIGA Visits Charleston
CIGA extended its usual meeting rotation to try a different location, a visit to Charleston, IL.  15 cachers attended.  Special meetings here and in other locations may be tried in the future.

Recognizing World Class 100,000 Finds
GIGA joined Peoria cachers 
to honor Fuzzy B for passing 100,000 finds, putting him among the top ranked cachers in the world.  Those attending received a commemorative coin, courtesy of BoilMaw.

CIGA at GeoWoodstock
nic beats the heat for Get O
GeoWoodstock 14er was held at Denver, close enough to draw CIGA cachers.  

CIGA picnic beats the heat for Get Outdoors day
Air conditioning won the day for the CIGA picnic in Bloomington.  It was a hot June day.  There were activities outside to observe Get Outdoor days.  But indoors had efficient cooling, welcome relief for 34 people attending.

Kayak caching and cookout at Lake Evergreen  
Great weather lead to a high turnout for kayak caching and a cookout at Lake Evergreen.  It was a joint event between CIGA and Peoria Area Cachers. 

Menard County Tour Cache            
Menard County has an historical tougeocache with a reward at the end.  Menard County, Illinois - Discover its History! (GC6C2FE) is a driving multi.  Record certain information about Abraham Lincoln, poet Edgar Lee Masters and other topics. Turn in the correct responses for a free souvenir coin. 

CIGA on Facebook         
For the latest news, visit the CIGA Facebook page and request access to join.  The page has 500 followers from Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

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CIGA has been geocaching in Central Illlinois since 2004.

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