The Electromagnetic Network

A set of instruments which are distributed on the territory offers larger possibility to capture interesting signals with respect to a unique station. The network permits to evaluate the extension of the perturbations.


Actually, there are eight stations in Central Italy, their positions are in tha map:

  • San Procolo (Fermo), active from 2006, ELF and VLF;
  • Perugia, active from 2008, ELF and VLF; 
  • Modena, active from 2010, ELF and VLF; 
  • Capitignano (L'Aquila), active from 2010, ELF and VLF;
  • Chieti, active from 2011, ULF, ELF, VLF and LF;
  • Siena, active from 2011, ELF and VLF;
  • Fagnano (L'Aquila), active from 2011, ELF and VLF
  • Contigliano (Rieti), active from 2011,ELF and VLF
  • They are connected by web:
    • Perugia
    • Chieti
    • Siena
    • Fagnano
    • Rieti
    • (Connections are active but not still available.)

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