Collage Story

Cielle Backstrom: Assisting you in your embodied awakening via energy healing and spiritual consultation

I have been making collages for 17 year to aid in my personal healing and expansion. 

Here are several of my collages used to illustrate the journeys that we all take to find our way home.

I can assist you in making your own sacred collage as well as guide you in how to "converse" with them.


Sacred Collage instruction 

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Your Journey Home to You

Some part of you has not forgotten the connection your essence has with Source. You may have an on-going realization of this connection. Or maybe it is an intimation that surfaces at times during meditation or dreams.










Some part of you knows that you are precious beyond words.  I can help you remember the jewel that you are.  I can help you hold that jewel.

As an infant and child, your divine nature needed acknowledgment and welcoming reflection in order to be brought forth fully. Your parents were not capable of perfect, ever-present reflection of your essential divine nature. The absence of this mirroring felt like a denouncement of your true self. To avoid the pain of this denouncement you found ways to protect yourself, to keep from feeling that pain. Did a part of you curl up in hiding or fall asleep to your true nature? What ways did you find to protect yourself?

The parts of you that went into hiding are waiting for you to reclaim them.

The journey to find those parts can

feel like a hero's journey where we descend into the lower world. I am happy to accompany you on this journey.

In your journey you will also find parts of you that truly know how to celebrate life with a joyful abandon that knows few limits.

I beckon you to dare to step into the fire of your awakening.

Of equal of importance to finding those parts of you that you kept safe in hiding, you can also awaken the connection you have to your essential divine nature. You don't need to be perfect to reconnect to, to awaken to, your essential nature. Awakening this connection will not make you perfect but it will make you real. You will discover the unfolding of ever increasing freedom, wholeness, love. There is an excellence to who you are that is uniquely you while simultaneously one with all of creation. Dare to be who you are.

Join the journey. I am here to help you.