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On-going     Provides site tours with project & product briefings to numerous invited & unsolicited

                    visitors, Including building professionals, business associates, neighbors & friends

4-5/08         4th Annual Earth Day –Arbor Day Program Series:

5/20        Chinese L.A. Daily News & Zhong Guo Daily News featured Arbor Day Open House

              event.  Provided a guided

              tour to a 16-person delegation from Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.  


5/18          Chinese Daily News published Huang’s article titled “Planting Trees & Making

                Forest to Fight for Climate Change”


5/17    Los Angeles Arbor Day. Arcadia EcoHome open house with presentations & tours to 25

 invited guests, including 20 Formosa Evangelical Church of Arcadia members.  Guest

 speaker: Russ Warner, Warner for the Congress.

5/5      TVBS aired the Earth Day event at Arcadia EcoHome in its World News

5/3      Russ Warner, Warner for Congress, visited Arcadia EcoHome & discussed w/ Dr.

          Huang on the subject of greening our environment.

4/29   Signed Earth Day Network’s Sky Petition to Congress for capping greenhouse gas emissions & stop global warming. 

4/28   Signed up to join the LEED Neighborhood Development Corresponding Committee.

4/25   Arbor Day - KAZN AM 1300 Super Life News aired final session of 5-month program of

interviews with Huang.  Session subject focused on global warming & tree planting.     

4/24   CRA/LA News displayed the article & photo gallery in Pasadena Star

4/23   Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune & published “Green

         Home in Arcadia” featuring  the Earth Day activity at Arcadia EcoHome  

4/22   Earth Day - Open house with brief presentations & guided tour to 23 CRA colleagues &

         5 BIG members including 2 BIG guest speakers. Interviewed by San Gabriel Valley

         News, TVBS & KWRM AM 1370. 

4/21  Sky Link TV aired Arcadia EcoHome event in the News, EDI City Newsweek published

         an article titled “Earth Day for Everyday” & Chinese Daily News published “Huang’s

         Energy Saving House Promote Environmental Protection”.

4/20   Chinese Daily News published Huang’s article titled “Earth Day – Urgent Need for

Environmental Protection”.  Arcadia EcoHome open house with 3 sessions of presentations & tours to 40 invited guests, including 13 Kiwanis Club of Monterey Park’s Board Members & 10 Compassion Relief Foundation’s youths.  Guest speaker: Julia Russell, Foundation of Eco-Home Network. Kiwanis Club presented trophy to Huang. Interviewed by Sky Link TV & Chinese Daily News.

4/18   KAZN AM 1300 Super Life News aired interview with Huangs on the subject of Earth Day. Attended LEED for New Construction Seminar at SGC Energy Resource Center.

4/17   Attended 7th Annual Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo at SGC ERC.

4/5     Registered the Earth Day event with Earth Day Network, EnviroLink, National

          Environmental Education Week, World Wildlife Fund Earth Day Time for Change, & Be

          the Cause, 

4/2     Signed the Union of Concerned Scientists’ letter to Congress titled “the US Scientists &

Economists’ Call for Swift & Deep Cuts in Green House Gas Emissions”. 

11/07-4/08  Weekly guest for 1-hour live broadcast on sustainable living, Super Live News program, KAZN AM1300. Subjects include global warming, resource conservation & recycling, water saving, energy efficiency, smart gardening, green governments & schools, green travel & transportation, green Olympics & Oscars, green eating, green fashion, green celebrities, & green business operation.

3/30/08       Met w/ Charisse Dunn for rating Arcadia EcoHome at GreenPoint Rated Program.     

3/23/08       Provided site tour to urban planner Mr. Pei LuCheng & 3 others.

3/6/08         Interviewed by Sing Tao Daily reporter on the energy & water saving at Arcadia EcoHome.

2/22/08       Provided site tour to 3 delegates from Beijing Yingcai Real Estate Development Company.

2/19/08       Provided site tour to 6 delegates from Tianjin Infrastructure Construction & Investment Co.

11/11/07     Featured article about Xilai Temple’s youth group visiting Arcadia EcoHome,

                   Buddhist Light Special Edition, Chinese Daily News.

11/4&5/07   Provide a lecture on global warming & a tour to 17 youths of Xilai Temple, featured article

                   on Chinese Daily News & Sing Tao Daily.

10/6/07       Provided site tour in an open house to 50 distributors of Syntec Nutraceuticals Co.

9/25/07       Met with Vice-chair of Shanghai New Energy Industry Association.  

9/24/07       Interviewed by the Radio American Living on the subject of green building.

9/22/07  Deliver the keynote speech to 240 audiences on solar energy & energy saving at SCAACCU Annual Party, featured in Chinese LA Daily News & Stn-nsc Newsbrief.

9/15/07       Interviewed by TVBS Reporter Lynn Tso.

9/8/07         Provided site tour to a banker, a professor & 6 persons of Glorious Land Company.

8/27/07       Provide advice to Teresa Hsu, CEO, Cardinal Yu-Pin Manor, for energy efficient

                   improvements to the building.

8/18 /07      Provided site tour to 12 persons (5 from SCAACCU, 2 from Agape Care Development, 1

                   from Cardinal Yu-Pin Manor, & 2 physicians).

8/15/07       Delivered a speech about Arcadia EcoHome to 21 audiences in the Monterey Park’s 

                   Kiwanis Club of board meeting.

8/4/07         Featured article about Arcadia EcoHome on Chinese LA Daily News.

7/30/07       Featured articles about Arcadia EcoHome & visiting delegations on Chinese Daily


International Daily News, Sing Tao Daily & Chinese LA Daily News.

7/29 /07      Provided site tour to a 10-person delegation on resource conservation from the China International Center for Economic & Technical Exchanges (CICETE) & reporters of Chinese Daily News, International Daily News & Sing Tao Daily, & Interviewed by the news reporters. 

7/22/07       Provided site tour & Interviewed by reporters of Chinese LA Daily News. 

7/12/07       Presented subject on solar electricity systems and installation to Y.K. America

7/8/07         Provided site tour to Dr. Chuang of Kent State Univ., OH & 2 visitor from Premier Bathrooms.

7/7/07         Provided site power point presentation & tour to 20 visitors from KY America, Chinese LA Daily News, Intern’l AV Communication & KY America.

6/25/07       Provided site tour to 2 visitors from Sunvalley Solar Tech.

6/3/07         Provided site tour to 9 visitors from Anthony California Home Furnishing Ctr & EMT Concourse Construction.

5/21/07       Interviewed by PCC student William Cheng for term paper.on water saving features. 

4/07            3rd Annual Earth Day Program:

4/28  Signed up for SCE’s Summer Discount Plan & installed AC turn-off devices.

4/22  Earth Day Featured article titled “Huang’s House – Energy Saving Model  

Home”, cover page of Local News section, Chinese Daily News; Open house &

provided a speech on green building & 2 site tours to 21 visitors from Syntec


4/07  Featured article titled “Spanish Flair” in Yogi Times (6 pages in Issue #51).

3/31/07       Provided site tour to 2 visitors from Apex Capital, San Francisco

3/23/07       Life talked/aired of Arcadia EcoHome on Metro Chase at 1370AM

3/20/07       Provided site tour to 8-person delegation from Dalain City, China

3/14/07       Jointed the SCE’s Summer Discount Plan & installed cycling devices on A/C equipments. 

3/11/07       Provided site tour to & interviewed by Shauna Hellewell & Jesper Johal, writer & photographer, respectively, for Yogi Times Magazine.

1/2//07        Provided site tour to 28 professional attendants in the Advanced Public Administration Training Program, the International Programs, CalPoly-Pomona

12/16/06     Provided site tour to CICETE’s 11-person delegation in resources exploiture & innovation.

12/10/06     Provided site tour to a 7-person delegation in urban administration from the National Construction Dept., China.

11/19/06     Provide site tour to a 9-person delegation in development planning from the Development & Reform Commission, China.

11/10/06     Provide site tour to a 9-person delegation in engineering construction standards.

9/3/06         Provided site tour to 2 visitors from Homestead of Scholars Investment Co.

9/2/06         Provided site tour to 4 visitors for Organic World USA.

7/24/06       Provided site tour to 4 visitors from RTKL.

6/27/05       Provided site tour to 20 professional attendants in environmental protection, the International Extension Programs, California State Univ.-San Bernardino (IEP, CSUSB)

6/20/06       Provided site tour to 5 professional attendants from China Academy of Urban Planning & Design enrolled in a USC program.

4/06            2rd Annual Earth Day Program:

4/30  Signed up for SCE’s 20/20 Summer Discount Plan

4/22   Earth Day open house & provided a presentation on green building project management & site tours to Triway Enterprise’s 9 delegates & 5 other visitors.

4/14/06       Interviewed by NBC News’ Jessca Vera, Asso. Producer for HG (House & Garden)TV Program 

3/11/06       Provided site tour to 2 visitors from Hsientein Project Investment Inc.

2/20/06       Featured article titled “Huang’s Energy Saving Eco-Home”, in EDI City Newsweek, Issue #335.

2/4/06         Provided site tour to 4 visitors from Leafy Organic House.

1/25/06       Provided site tour to 31 professional attendants in the Advanced Public Administration Training Program, Univ. Extended Education’s International Programs, CSU-Fullerton

1/2/06         Provided site tour to a 30-person delegation in environmental protection from CICETE.

12/17/05     Interviewed by Jack Zhao, Exec. Editor, KWRM/Channel 1370 & EDI City Magazine Weekly

10/26/05     Provided site tour to 22 professional attendants in energy efficiency, IEP, CSUSB.

9/25/05       Provided site tour to the United Nation’s Dept. of Development (UNDP)/UCTO’s 16-person delegation in environmental & resource management. 

9/17/05       Provided tour to the Cambridge Int’l 13-person delegation in real estate development

8/31/05       Submitted Application package to 2005 California Energy Star New Homes Prgm.

8/9/05         Corresponded w/ Charlie Piper, Division of Academic Affairs, University of Central Florida

7/9/05         Provided tour to 5 graduate students at Univ. of Southern California.

6/23/05       Received Southern California Edison’s “20/20 Summer Saving Prgm.  emPOWERed  to Conserve” certificate.

4/05            1st Annual Earth Day Program

6/18  4-page featured article titled “2005 Earth Day at Arcadia EcoHome” on SCAACCU Annual Book.

4/30  Open house to 29 professional attendants in the Advanced Management Training Program, International Programs & Services (AMTP/IPS), CSULA.

4/23   Earth Day: 15 AMTP/IPS attendants participated in eco-gardening & tree planting.

4/19  Registered with Green Homes & Renewable Energy Directory

2/27/05       Provided tour to 1 local realtor & 20 professional attendants in the Asian Pacific Business Institute (APBI) program, California State Univ.-LA (CSULA)

2/12/05       Provided tour to 2 local realtors and 27 professional attendants in the AMTP/IPS, CSULA

12/9/04       Provided tour & LifeSource Water Systems’ sales presentation to Triway Enterprise’s

                   18-person delegation in ‘EcoTour’, . 

11/6/04       Provided site tour to 22 professional attendants in the IEP, CSUSB.

9/28/04       Provided site tour to USCIST’s 10-person delegation in Green Energy

9/23/04       Provided site tour to UNDP/UTG’s 22-person delegation in small town development. 

3/19/04       Provided site tour to the President & 2 board members of the Auxiliary of the Southern

California Methodist Hospital for its annual “Holiday Homes Tour“

3/11/04       Research paper subject, Elaina Ackerman, Interior Design student, Santa Monica College

2/27/04       Research paper subject, biology class students, Arcadia High School

2/24/04       Provided site tour to UNDP/UTG’s 20-person delegation in small town reconstruction

2/22/04       Open house to the Eco-Home Network (EHN) members & friends: Provided tours to 85 visitors & distributed Corporate Participant’s promotion materials.

2/04            5-page featured article titled “House for the Earth” posted on EHN website, 2/04, & distributed to EHN members

12/19/03     Provided site tour to 12 professional attendants in the APBI’s Senior Executive Management Program (SEMP/APBI), CSULA

11/28/03     Provided site tour to 28 professional attendants in the AMTP/IPS, CSULA

11/26/03     Provided site tour to UCTO’s (US-China Trade Organization) 28-person delegation in

environmental protection

10/7/03       Invited by the Global Possibilities to post on its website ‘Winners’ page & showcase in the

                   2004 Solar Building Tour

9/25/03       Provided site tour to 28 attendants in the SEMP/APBI, CSULA

6/03            Featured article titled “Air-chitectural” Techniques Applied” in HVACR News,


3/3/03         Provided site tour to 21 attendants in the AMTP/IPS, CSULA

2/27/03       Interviewed by Greg Wright, feature writer for HVACR News

2/17/03       Presented to professional attendants in the ‘Urban Development’ class, CSULA

11/19/02     Provided tour to the Triway Enterprise’s 32-person delegation 

10/24/02     Featured article titled “Huang’s House of the Future A National Model” in real estate section, Chinese Daily News

10/20/02     General Open House: Participated as 1 of the 9 buildings in the Eco-Home

                   Network’s 6th annual tour of “Homes for the Future”: Provided tours to 200+

                   visitors & distributed Corporate Participant’s promotion materials. 

                   Interviewed by the Chinese Daily News.

10/20/02     Provided news release to Chinese Daily News & Sing Dao Newspaper

10/13/02     Prepared self-guided tour sheet for site visitors

7/6/02         Provided site tour to the Eco-Home Network’s Directors for its annual tour of “Homes for

                   the Future”, a part of the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) National Tour of Solar   



黄铁屿博士/CIEDM 2007-2008主要活动


·         6月应邀至奥立岗州波特兰市举办之International Making Cities Livable 研讨会做历史街区保存发展之专题演讲,及至北加Napa ValleyYK America国际集团团队参访考察绿色旅馆。 < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

·         7CIEDM邀请YK America团队二十人与二媒体参观Arcadia生态屋,并做地球暖化与绿建筑简报;再邀请YK America友人五位参观Arcadia生态屋;事后接受台湾时报采访报导。

·         7CIEDM为中国商务部经济技术交流中心资源利用十人考察团开课及参观Arcadia生态屋,并接受国际日报、星岛日报、侨报及世界日报采访报导。

·         7月于YK America报告太阳能发电设备及装置介绍。

·         8CIEDMYK America 完成加Delano市中心之“区域中心开发概念”规划,并向该市领导汇报

·         8月应聘为广西大学土木建筑工程学院客座教授。

·         8月会见深圳书香门第投资公司业主,讨论名苑二期住房及购物中心项目进展与顾问事宜。

·         8月应邀为Monterey Park Kiwanis Club董事会21位董事做地球暖化与绿建筑专题讲座。

·         8CIEDM邀请中国文化大学校友会干部及老人院开发经营业者十二人参观Arcadia生态屋; 事后为于斌樞機安养院提供建筑节能省水咨询建议。

·         6-8月接受世界日报4次采访报导有关洛杉矶市中心发展有关活动。

·         9CIEDM 邀请Glorious Land 及其他公司共8人参观Arcadia生态屋。

·         9月应邀任南加州中国文化大学校友会年会主讲人,对240位来宾就地球暖化与环境持续发展议题发表演讲;台湾时报及国科会国际合作简讯报导。

·         9月应邀上美国生活电台做绿建筑专题采访报导。

·         9Arcadia生态屋接受TVBS电视台采访报导。

·         9月会见上海新能源行业协会米副会长,商谈进军美国市场合作议题。

·         9月接待天津市科技委考察团,带团参观南加大,获邀请访问当地。

·         10月应邀访问密西根州密西根大学建筑+城市规划学院(美国城建专业十大名校之一)评审其城市规划硕士班的再认证资格(行业中仅亟少人有机会获邀)

·         10月应邀访问印第安那州Notre Dame大学建筑学院及对5年级设计课之洛杉矶市时装区规划设计做期中评图。

·         10CIEDM 举办open house邀请Syntec Nutraceuticals公司50多人参观Arcadia生态屋。

·         10月接受世界日报4次采访报导有关洛杉矶市中心绿建筑大楼丶游民问题丶华埠文化中心及文化区规划及南加州防山林野火问题。

·         10月接待天津市建投公司考察团丶山西省人大基建考察团丶四川省财税考察团及安徽池州市环保交通考察团,做专题介绍或参观洛市中心,接受世界日报采访报导。

·         10-11月多次会见联系在南加大培训之广州市规划局二分局长,讲解旧城改造。

·         11月开始CIEDM每周一次上KAZN AM1300电台Super生活报节目做环保绿生活访谈(行业中仅亟少人有机会获邀)。11月论题 :地球暖化丶居家省水丶资源回收再利用丶绿色节日。

·         11CIEDM完成S. Pasadena古迹基地与建筑评估,并在该市文化资产委员会之听证会报。

·         11CIEDM接待天津市工作环境安全考察团。   

·         11CIEDM为洛杉矶西来寺青年团17人来访提供地球暖化讲座及参观Arcadia生态屋,并接受星岛及世界日报(含佛光缘专辑)采访报导。

·         12月高分通过Build It Green考试取得绿建筑专家 (CGBP)资格证书。

·         12月完成月密西根大学城市规划硕士班的再认证资格评审报告。

·         121-25日赴中台讲学旅程访问13高校(含八大建筑规划院校中三所)4公家单位共17场专题讲座,依序为天津市建投公司、天津城建学院、天津大学、中国农业大学、清华大学、郑州大学、郑州大学西亚斯国际学院、池州市建委、同济大学、高雄大学、中山大学、成功大学、高雄市都市发展局、云林科技大学、中国文化大学、台北科技大学、台北市都市发展局,获聘3荣誉教职(中国农大丶郑州大学丶郑大西亚斯国际学院)及2荣誉顾问职(天津市与池州市),有多个媒体及网路采访报导。

·         12月初应邀在天津市城投集团针对金钟河大街高架平台开发项目提出规划丶开发与管理建议,并获天津市建投公司与广正建设项目管理公司聘任为该项目顾问。

·         12月应邀为第六届"远东建筑奖"评委至台北及上海评选建筑佳作(行业中仅亟少人获邀),有多个媒体采访报导。

·         12月并获聘为中华建筑金石奖活动委员会评审委员(行业中仅亟少人获邀)暨洛杉矶召集人,为每年兢赛推荐洛杉矶区优良作品。  


·         1月向文化大学市政与环境规划系提出“洛杉矶市在奥运赛后及再兢争主办权期间準备工作”之研究摘要。

·         1月会见全国重点城镇建设投资指导工作委员会廖副秘书长,商谈中国1887工程城镇小康建设之项目议题。

·         1月为Notre Dame 大学建筑系5年级设计课之洛杉矶市时装区规划设计做期末评图,目前协助选筛下学年度在洛杉矶之设计题目及为其暑假亚洲学程建立中港台接待据点。

·         1月接待天津市法制办考察团,与市规划局法规处郭处长讨论立法项目之顾问方向。

·         1月接受世界日报采访报导洛杉矶市中心复兴趋缓现象丶复苏百老汇街丶及改造时装区。

·         1-3月联系同济大学“时代建筑” 责任编辑戴春博士,接待同济之亚太区世界遗产培研中心研究部主任,现洛杉矶Getty博物馆访问学者张艳华博士,讨论“公私合作” 研究议题。

·         1-4CIEDM继续每周一次上KAZN AM1300电台Super生活报节目做环保绿生活访谈。论题:Smart园艺丶居家节能丶太阳能热水发电丶‘行’的绿化丶生态旅游丶绿色旅馆丶绿色时尚丶绿色婚丧礼丶绿色人物丶绿色奥运和奥斯卡丶绿色企业丶绿色教堂和寺庙丶绿色学校及其他。

·         2月访问加州州立大学Fullerton分校,商谈课及合作事宜。

·         2CIEDM进行Bradbury叶宅绿建筑设计。

·        219接待天津市城投集团6人考察团,参观洛市中心与Arcadia生态屋。

·         222接待北京英才房地产公司3人考察团,参观Arcadia生态屋。

·         36接受星岛日报采访报导Arcadia生态屋节能省水的经济效益。

·         37加洛杉矶学区‘高效能学校’工作团会议。

·         320世界日报报导担任中华建筑金石奖活动委员会评审委员暨洛杉矶召集人,展开工作。

·         323接待裴陆城规划师等4人,参观Arcadia生态屋。

·         325Build It Green 公家单位公会会员工作会议。

·         330接待Charisse Dunn 进行GreenPoint Rated现场评鉴。

·         416获邀担任大连理工大学土木建筑设计研究院可持续都市与建筑更新研究所名誉所长;24日获邀担任中国重点城镇建设投资指导工作委员会顾问


·         4-5CIEDM举办‘第4届地球日与植树节’系列活动, 註册登记于Focus the Nation, Earth Day Network, National Environmental Education Week, EnviroLink,Pasadena Global Warming Group, World Wildlife Fund Earth Day Time for Change, Be the Cause, National Train Day等网页:

§         42日签署关心科学家联盟发起之“美国科学家与经济学家呼籲迅速大幅减低温室气体释放”致国会函。

§         1718日参加第7届县市绿建筑研讨及展示会及美国绿建筑公会LEED新构造讲习会;

§         1825日上KAZM AM1300 Super生活报节目接受访谈地球日。

§         20日世界日报刊登“地球日 环保迫在眉睫”投稿;open house分批接待慈济丶MPk同济会与其他共40人来访,提供“地球日与气候改变” 、“Strive for Sustainable Environment”等讲座及参观活动;接受天下卫视及世界日报采访。

§         21日世界日报刊载“黄铁屿节能屋 宣传环保”,天下卫视新闻节目播放采访,城市杂志周刊封面专访黄铁屿,刊登“一天过一个地球日”。

§         22日地球日open house接待CRA同事与BIG同仁共28人参观Arcadia EcoHome;接受TVBSSan Gabriel Valley News、及KWRM AM1370城市追踪节目采访。

§         23Pasadena Star News San Gabriel Valley Tribune头条新闻刊登“Green Home in Arcadia”

§         25日植树节上KAZM AM1300 Super生活报节目接受访谈地球地球暖化与植树。

§         26日由生态屋花房移植6颗奶油果树苗至后院。

§         29日签署Earth Day Network发起之致国会“有效对应气候改变”请愿函。  

§         53日接待国会议员参选人Russ Warner, 讨论美国全球暖化政策。 

§         5TVBS世界新闻节目播放采访

•   13日签署Focus the Nation发起之致国会建言“Can You Do It? Cut 30% by 2020”,智慧化居住空間网站报导。

•    17日洛杉矶植树节open house接待台福教会与其他共29人,提供“植树造林抗暖化” 、“Strive for Sustainable Environment”等讲座及参观活动。

•    18日世界日报刊登“植树节与地球暖化”投稿;接受台湾时报、Arcadia Best与Indonesia Media新闻采访。

•    20日台湾时报/中国日报报导日植树节open house活动。接待16人广州市越秀区城建考察团,做专题报告及参观生态屋,并讨论四川震灾及生态屋防震设计。


•    5-6月四川汶川震灾有关活动。
•    5月17日世界日报报导对医院与学校震灾灾情与建築防震法規之采访。
•    18日注册报名参加11月12-16日“南加州大地震”活动。
•    20日接待四川省7人招商引资考察团,座谈交流川震与加州震区重建之招商引资,接受世界日报、侨报、中国日报与天下卫视采访。
•    21 与22日上述媒体报导四川省考察团来访与黄博士在北岺地震灾区復建经验。
•    25日完成“吸取四川地震校舍跨塌的血泪教训”短文,投稿世界日报及张贴有关网站。
•    参加11月“洛杉矶国际地震研讨会”准备工作会议,并联系邀请中国有关单位与会。
•    30日于南加州大学政策规划与开发学院为深圳市干部“城市资源管理”培训班20人上“可持续性城市规划与防灾”及“可持续性城市旧区与灾区重建”课。
•    着手写书 “可持续性建筑与都市抗震防灾及灾后重建:加州经验”并寻求联系出版社。
•    6月5-10日接待中国中央电视台5人采访团, 专题讨论都市防震与震后重建,安排拜访单位与拍摄场景含洛杉矶北岺震灾区与市中心古迹区。


•    8月拟担任建筑学会2008年公共艺术国际研习交流会讲师。
•    8-9月拟进行第16届中华建筑金石奖南加州推荐参选活动,赴中台参加项目评选。