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1996 -- 黄铁屿 Edward Tieh-Yeu Huang established CIEDM in Arcadia, California; Enrolled w/ California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education

1996 & on -- Provided numerous seminars for general public, buiilding industry professionals, & Chinese delegations 

1997 -- Organized / held Environmental Design, Development & Management Conference at Arcadia Community Center

1998 -- Complete research project: 内政部建筑研究所专题研究计划美国加州北岭震灾之都市复建研究”

1999 -- Participated in the National Market Place for the Environment Conference & Trade Show

2002 -- Participated as one of the nine houses in Southern California for public view in the 6th Annual "Homes for the Future" Tour  

2004 -- Open house with showcase tour for Eco-Home Network's members & friends 

2005 -- Completed the Arcadia EcoHome construction; Moved CIEDM to Arcadia EcoHome; 1st Annual Earth Day Event in the Arcadia EcoHome

2008 -- Completed the 4th Annual Earth Day & Arbor Day Event with special topic presentations & showcase tours: 4th Earth Day Event



 1996 & on

Seminars & Workshops for Visiting Chinese Delegations



3-day EDDMC Conference at Arcadia Community Center for 61 local & 54 overseas attendents







Earth Day Activity at Arcadia EcoHome

Visited Verminculture Lab at Resources & Environmental College,
Delivered a speech at College of Hydraulic & Civil Engineering, 
China Agriculture University, Beijing, China