4th Earth Day Event

April - May, 2008

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Sponsor                        California Institute of Environmental Design & Management 

Co-sponsors            Syntec Nutraceuticals,  Kang Kang Food Court,  Anny Huang & Daven Tan


Location                     Arcadia EcoHome*,  8th Ave, Arcadia (* a family member of Eco-Homes, the Eco-Home 



Objectives           - Implement CIEDM annual event for green advocacy & education since the 2005 Earth

- As an Eco-Home Network member, implement our support to E-HN's mission & on-going activities.

- As a friend of Warner for Congress, demonstrate our support to Russ Warner's environmental agenda.

-   As a Focus the Nation’s Organization Committee Member, implement our commitment to FTN’s Initiative for Global Warming Solutions for America.    

-  As an Earth Day Network Partner, implement our commitment  to EDN’s Climate Change Solutions Campaign. 

-  As a National Environmental Education Week’s EE Week Partner, implement our commitment to environmental education.


Registered          Focus the Nation, Earth Day Network, Global Water Network, EnviroLink, National 

                                            Environmental Education Week, Pasadena Global Warming Group, World Wildlife Fund 

                                            Earth Day Time for Change, Be the Cause,  National Train Day


Media Coverge    San Gabriel Valley News, Sky Link TV, TVBS, EDI Media/KWRM AM 1370, KAZN AM 1300, 

                                           Chinese Daily News, Chinese LA Daily News, Indonesia Media, Arcadia Best. 

Event Calendar

4-2-08 Wednesday         Dr. Edward  T. Huang signed the Union of Concerned Scientists’ letter to Congress titled “the 

      US Scientists &Economists’ Call for Swift & Deep Cuts in Green House Gas Emissions”.

4- 18-08 Friday

2:00 - 3:00 pm                 KAZN AM 1300 Super Life News aired pre-recorded interview with Huangs on the subject of 

                                            Earth Day. 

4-20-08 Sunday              Open House. Chinese Daily News published Huang’s article titled “Earth Day – Urgent  

                                            Need for Environmental Protection”.

1:00 - 3:00 pm                 Session 1. Participants: 20 invite guests including 13 Compassion Relief (TzuChi) Foundation

                                            members (Coordinator: Mr. Richard Lin)

a. Introduction to Earth Day & Activities by Li Wu, CIEDM

b. Presentation - “Strive for Sustainable Environment” by Ed Huang

c. Guided Site Tour of Arcadia EcoHome

3:00 - 3:30 pm                 Session 2 at Central Courtyard.  Participants: Sessions 1 & 3 guests; Media: Sky Link TV &  

                                            Chinese Daily News

                                              a. Networking & healthy light refreshments by Kang Kang Food Court, 626-308-3898

 b. Presentations - “Eating Green” by Caroline Huang, CIEDM

                                -  “Eco-Homes” by Julia Russell, Founder, Eco-Home Network

                                -  Special presentation to Dr. Huang by Steve Hayashi, the Kiwanis Club of   

                                    Monterey Park

                                               c. Prize for Green Actions: Syntec Nutraceuticals’ health supplements

3:30 - 5:30 pm             Session 3.  Participants: 20 invite guests including 13 Board members of the Kiwanis Club of

                                       Monterey Park  (Coordinator: Mr. Steve Hayashi)

                                                a. Guided Site Tour of Arcadia EcoHome

   b. Introduction to Earth Day & Activities by Li Wu

   c. Presentation - “Strive for Sustainable Environment” by Ed Huang


4-21-08 Monday          Sky Link TV aired the Earth Day event at Arcadia EcoHome in its News session, EDI City 

                                         Newsweek published “Earth  Day for Everyday” featuring Arcadia EcoHome & Huang,     

                                         Chinese Daily News published an article titled “Huang’s Energy Saving House Promote 

                                         Environmental Protection”

4-22-08 Tuesday     Earth Day Open House.  Participants: 23 CRA/LA colleagues & 5 Build It Green 


10:35  - 10:45 am                  a. Welcome & Introduction to Earth Day Program & Guest Speakers

10:45  - 12:00 noon               b. Guided Site Tour of Arcadia EcoHome

12:00  - 12:30 pm                  c. Presentations  - “Green Buildings” by Marc Richmond, Green Building Trainer, Build It


                                                                                  - “Green Interior” by Charisse Dunn, Healing Spaces by Design

12:30  - 1:30 pm                     d. Lunch at Zen Buffet, 5449 N. Rosemead Blvd, San Gabriel


3:00 - 4:00 pm             KWRM AM 1370 aired real time interview with Huang on the Earth Day event & Arcadia 

                                        EcoHome features       

4-23-08 Wednesday   Pasadena Star News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune & sgvtribue.com published “Green Home in

                                       Arcadia” featuring  the 2008 Earth Day activity at Arcadia EcoHome   


4-24-08Thursday       CRA/LA News presented the article & photo gallery in Pasadena Star News.com.


4-25-08 Friday            National Arbor Day

2:00 - 3:00 pm             KAZN AM 1300 Super Life News aired real time the final session of 5-month program of    interviews with Huang on the subject of global warming & tree planting.


4-26-08 Saturday        Ed Huang  transplanted  6 avocado trees from greenhouse to rear yard anticipating future shade 

                                        on concrete sport court to reduce urban greenhouse effect. 


4-29-08 Tuesday          Dr. Huang  signed the Earth Day Network’s petition to Congress calling for a fair & effective

                                         approach to climate change.


5-3-08 Saturday            Russ Warner, Warner for Congress, visited Arcadia EcoHome & discussed w/ Dr. Huang on the

                                           subject of greening our  environment.

5-5-08 Monday              TVBS aired the Earth Day event at Arcadia EcoHome in its World News

5-9-08 Friday                 Received reusable chopsticks & other gifts from TzuChi Foundation & its Participants at 4-20 

                                           open house.

5-13-08 Tuesday            Dr. Huang signed up the Focus the Nations' 2009 call for "Congress: Can You Do It? Cut 30%

                                           by 2020" & joined its Teach-In Global Warming Solution: submit article to Chinese Daily for 

                                           publication titled "Arbor Day LA-Plant Trees to Fight for Warming".

5-17-08 Saturday           Los Angeles Arbor Day  Open House

2:00 - 4:30 pm                Participants: 20 invited guests from Formosa Evangelical Church of Arcadia (Coordinator: 

                                           David  Lin) & others

2:00 pm                           Courtyard Session

                                             a.      Opening remarks & Introduction to the Event by Dr. Ed Huang

b.       Introduction to the Visit & Church Delegates by David Lin

c.       Introduction to Arbor Day & Climate Change  by Li Wu

d.       Introduction to Million Tree Initiative by Ed Huang

e.        Honor Mentions: Earth Arborists of the Day

f.         Introduction to Special Guests by Ed Huang

g.       Presentation - “Creating Energy Independence” by Russ Warner

h.      Q & A for/by Russ Warner

2:30 pm                         Site Tour Session

                                              i.      Guided Tour of ground & building of Arcadia EcoHome by Ed Huang

3: 50 pm                        Classroom Session

                                              j.      Presentation - “Strive for Sustainable Environment” by Ed Huang

 k.        Conclusion remarks 


5-18-08 Sunday           Chinese Daily News published Huang’s article titled “Arbor Day- Planting Trees to Fight Global 




RSVP & Address     Please contact Ed Huang, 213-977-1785 (O)



Notes   -     Please prepare to take off shoes as entering the house.

-       To save gas, $ and reduce carbon footprint, please come by bike, carpool, hybrid, or transit (MTA bus #264 running on Durate

Rd, Foothill bus #494 on Mytle Ave, all in walking distance to Arcadia EcoHome, or we’ll pick you up at bus stop)

-       Filtered tap water instead of bottled water available for drink in order to reduce the pile-up of non-degradable plastics bottles in our

limited landfills.






OPEN HOUSE on Apr. 20, 2008


Ed Huang & Li Wu w/ TZUCHI visitors                              Ed Huang w/ MPK Kiwanis Club

Guest Speaker Julia Russell, EcoHome Network            Kiwanis presents trophy to Huang                       























Sky Link TV interviews Ed Huang










EARTH DAY OPEN HOUSE on Apr. 22, 2008


Dr. Huang speaks to CRA/LA colleagues about

storm water management.













ARBOR DAY OPEN HOUSE on May 17, 2008


Dr. Huang speaks to 29 visitors in the auto court                           Special guest Russ Warner, candidate for 26th         

                                                                                                                       Congresstional District, adresses to the visitors