The CI Lunch Seminar for Data, popularly known as the 'Data Lunch Seminar' (No, we don't eat data!), focuses on computing problems that require 
managing,  analyzing, visualizing, and extracting useful information from large, diverse, distributed and heterogeneous data sets so as to accelerate the progress of scientific discovery and innovation.

Presentations are on topic areas that lead to new fields of inquiry, describe development of new data analytic tools, algorithms, and sustainable data infrastructure, and, finally, increase our understanding of human and social processes and interactions.

In the past, the focus has been on data computing problems in a variety of areas, such as:

* datamining,

* models and semantics,

* architectures,  

* provenance,

* databases and HPC,

* social/complex networks, and

* using advanced data algorithms.

The seminar also includes panel discussions and brainstorming sessions where researchers can put forward their new hypotheses, provide scientific insights, put forth ideas for collaboration and improving education.

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Recent events can be found on the calendar:

Data Lunch Seminar

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