Project Center

Freshman Year – Gateway Simulation

Student teams visit a business site, receiving a tour of facilities and an orientation about business operations. Student teams are presented with a problem to solve: the business partner wants to open up business in a new country. The team’s mission is to create a Marketing Plan for the business partner. The research begins! The teams have five weeks to develop Marketing Plans. A written plan is submitted to the Business Partner and teachers. On a Saturday morning, teams make a formal presentation of their plan before a panel of judges. Awards and a luncheon follow.

Gateway Project

Sophomore Year – OnRamp Simulation

The sophomore project is a more intense and in-depth version of the Gateway Simulation. Students work together in groups and visit local business partners. Their task is to create a product or service which the company could use. This project includes several phases: research, planning, product design, product pitch, and impact analysis. The impact analysis report includes examination of business operations, production, sales, finance, and personnel. The plan is presented to a panel of judges in competition.

OnRamp Project
Junior Year – FasTrak Competition

This is an individual project which involves the creation of a portfolio. This portfolio contains:
Career Development Section - includes an application for employment, resume, cover letter, and work samples.
Process Research Paper - a sample of writing that demonstrates students’ investigative, analytical, and writing abilities. The paper, which is combined with a speech, describes a process the student has learned about during an internship.
Work Experience Documents - photos, notes, journals, software screen captures, an hours confirmation form, and other evidence demonstrating the student's learning during a minimum ten-hour internship.
Product Documents - evidence of the creation and completion of a product which demonstrates what the student has learned during the internship.
Group Interview - during round one portfolios and products are presented to a panel of judges. Round two is a group interview. Presentations are followed by a luncheon/awards ceremony.


Senior Year - Senior Project

All CIBACS Seniors complete the Senior Project, which builds upon the foundation laid by the Junior Portfolio. The Senior Project is individually designed to reflect the seniors' unique interests, abilities, and talents. The Senior Project must have a business, career, or community service aspect as its central feature, and must challenge the senior to achieve new heights of accomplishment. Students create a business plan and business solution. The final project is presented to a panel of judges. Scholarships are given for outstanding achievement.

The project center was designed to give students, parents, and teachers more information regarding the different yearly projects.Here you will find everything you need to start and finish each project, from tips by former students to examples and due dates.