Repair instructions for DSC-P72/92

Sony DSC-P72 / DSC-P92 repair instruction.


This is repair instruction for two Sony digital cameras, which are identical (except technical characteristics). This is step by step instructions about how to change the gears on your camera.

Usually you get the message in the camera screen "Turn the power off & on". This means that the gears of the camera probably will be broken.

You will need really small screwdriver and tweezers to open the camera and the gearbox.

Here are the steps:


1. To open the camera you have to find and unscrew 4 screws as shown in the pictures.

2. Carefully remove back cover first.

3. After back cover is removed you have to disconnect the wire that connects back cover to the camera.



4. For disconnecting this wire you have to lift the part, which is showed in the picture below as a number 1. Then you just have to pull the wire, and it is disconnected.


5. After back cover is totally disconnected you have to remove front cower. Picture below shows how to do it.


6. Again you have to disconnect the wire, that connects front cover to the mainboard:


7. It is already disconnected in this picture:


8. Next step is to unscrew one more screw, and open the gearbox cover, where the gears are located. In the picture below the gearbox is shown, and the screw which needs to be unscrewed.



    9. After opening the gearbox cover you will see the gears. In this picture I showed which gears are usually broken. These two I sell as a set. Also before you take them out, you have to take the other ghear first. This gear is usually good. Everything is showed in the picture below:


After changing the gears if they are broken you have to put everything back in the same order you did it before.


If the gears was the problem, the camera and the lens should work when you turn camera on.


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If you have any questions about that, please ask. I will help you.