Tortelli Piacentini

Here is the recipe with ingredients listed in both in Italian and in English

Tortelli Piacentini

in Italian:

2 etti farina 00 per sfoglia

1 etto farina 00 (normale)

3 uova 

4 tuorli

in English:

about 12 ounces all-purpose flour

or if you can get it:

8 ounces superfine 00 flour

4 ounces 00 flour

3 eggs

4 egg yolks

Mix the flour and eggs together. Knead until soft and supple. Let it rest at least 1/2 hour before rolling it out. Roll out thinly and cut into circles.


una manciata di spinaci, cotti e frullati

3 etti di ricotta

parmigiana reggiano o grana padano, grattugiato

a handful of spinach, cooked and chopped fine

12 ounces ricotta cheese

parmesan or grana padano cheese, grated

Mix the filling ingredients, then place a small spoonful near one edge of the circle. Start pinching the circle closed by bringing one side toward the middle. Then overlap with the other side and squeeze the two pieces of dough together. Continue squeezing and pinching the dough in the center, alternating to form a braided look.