Grilled Pizzette

Grilled zucchini pieces

roasted cherry tomatoes

zucchini blossoms

prosciutto slices

shredded mozzarella

pizza dough (purchased or homemade)

fresh tomatoes

Using purchased or homemade dough, let it rise slightly. (Honestly, it's good even if it doesn't rise much at all.) Make small rounds from the dough and place the rounds on a hot grill, one in which you've first oiled the grates. The dough will start to rise slightly. Lower the heat if it looks like it might burn. Keep a close watch and flip over when you see grill marks form on the bottom. Let the dough cook slightly on the second side (a couple of minutes) before adding toppings - first the mozzarella cheese, then other toppings, like zucchini and roasted cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, zucchini blossoms, etc. Close the lid on the grill and cook until the cheese is melted and the bottom of the pizzetta is nicely browned.