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My name is Andrea. I was born in the small Italian village near Mediterranean Sea. When I was 10 my uncle showed me an old picture of Anita Ekberg, an actress casted in “La Dolce Vita.”  This picture was made by my uncle, a professional photographer, after the movie premiere in Rome in 60’s.  I could not explain whether it was combination of light or contrast that captured luminosity and happiness of the moment. I was impressed by the power of this B&W photo, the power to make me to feel I was there.  That is when in my heart the passion for photography was born.

Back then, in Italy, it was very difficult to make your passion your profession because necessary tools were too expensive to afford.  My uncle, though, inherited his precious Rolleiflex to me, as he probably felt how interested I was in photography and believed that I can put it to use.  I felt that all my dreams came true. Rolleiflex opened a small window in the world of powerful and highly competitive world of photography.  I had a lot of fun taking pictures of my friends, family, and nature. As it turned out later, I needed many more tools to create, that’s why on the weekends I was an intern at photo studio where I could have a glance of the professional world of photography. However, the owners of the small photo studio were not only unwilling to teach me but discouraged me.  As a result, I lost my confidence and my passion became a hobby.

Luckily, my “real world” job, my travels, and my days off gave me an opportunity to explore Europe, Africa, and Asia. Foreign cultures and people contributed to elaboration of my skills as a photographer.  I could not pass by an amazing scenery or authentic and unique culture without taking a picture. I tried to improve my skills without expensive tools or lenses but with good eye and eager to create. It is amazing how a simple picture can describe my perception of life, my sensation and feelings at moment of a click. Every time I look at the picture I took, the memories come back.  I want the person who looks at my pictures to feel the way I felt, to transfer the mood of the picture to the viewer. 

Through my adolescence, many people suggested me to put my passion to work.  It was not easy back then and time has passed.  In 2003 the job opportunity brought me to U.S. where I met the woman of my life who understands my passion and insisted on taking a challenge of becoming a freelance photographer.

My goal is to create an expression not only of my inner emotions but also to communicate the feeling of the people on the picture. My promise is to deliver quality and memorable images that you will enjoy many years after.