CIAN holds quarterly meetings for members at which expert speakers talk on selected subjects. The talk is followed by a group discussion and an informal networking session.  If you have any suggestions for topics or themes for future network meetings, or you would just like further information, please email us. Details of upcoming network meetings are posted below.

The next CIAN network meetings in 2018 is: 

  • Wednesday, 31 October based at haysmacintyre, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1AG

Book on creative and innovative auditing

posted 16 Jan 2018, 05:20 by CIAN Administrator

Professor Jeffrey Ridley who previously spoke to us on creative and innovative auditing has now published his book from which the subject matter of his talk was based. He has kindly provided a discount flyer for CIAN members. Please see attached.

Previous training courses

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Root Cause Analysis Training - John Chesshire
A one day course covering root cause analysis. As internal auditors we can use root cause analysis to obtain a clearer sense of what has gone wrong and create robust solutions to avoid a similar incident happening again.The course defined root cause analysis, explained its benefits and the theory behind it as well as providing different techniques that can be used and advice to ensure success and avoid pitfalls.  

Assurance Mapping - James Patterson (Risk & Assurance Insights Ltd)
Training to help you identify different assurance mechanisms across your organisation in order to maximise the level of assurance you can provide. The idea of assurance mapping seems straightforward but there are many stories of lengthy, complex and incomplete assurance mapping efforts. This workshop will give you a good grounding in the principles and practical application of assurance maps so you can start using this approach with greater confidence in a range of ways including audit planning, assignment management, overall audit opinions and identifying efficiency opportunities between audit and compliance functions.

Fraud and Investigations Training - John Baker (Moore Stephens) - presented twice now due to popularity
An intensive course covering-introduction to fraud (definitions, risks, controls, indicators and whistleblowing), the Investigation/Intelligence cycle, collection of hard copy/paper evidence, handling referrals and when to involve other agencies or entities, investigation planning, case management, conducting a search, IT tools, analysing findings, Interviewing, recoveries and sanctions, reporting and closing down an investigation.

Introduction to Risk Based Internal Auditing - Chloe Tyler 
A one day course in internal auditing techniques. Through a range of case studies, group discussions, and facilitator presentations this course will discuss the development and importance of the Internal Audit practice and risk based auditing. It will teach attendees basic skills, techniques and tips to identify and assess risks in order to write a risk based internal audit programme for any system or process, through to testing, reporting and follow-up.

Previous CIAN Network meeting presentations

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July 2018
 Safeguarding, Professor Paul Kingston, Director Centre for Ageing Studies, Chester University

 GDPR Update, Richard Evans, Crowe UK

 May 2018 Internal Audit and the Culture Trend - Dr. Ian Peters MBE, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

 Benchmarking Survey Results - Matthew Evans, CIAN Committee

 January2018 Data Analytics - Richard Evans Partner & Head of Risk and Assurance for Non-Profits, Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP

 Fraud Investigations - Robert Browell, Macmillan Cancer Support

 October 2017 ICT Audits in small charities – key challenges, emerging risks, and a framework for success - Paul Sypko (Partner) and Keith Collins (Senior Consultant), Adapta Consulting

 Crisis Management - Darren Goorwappa, Head of Internal Audit, Community Integrated Care

 The Fundraising Regulator’s First Year and Priorities for Year 2 - Gerald Oppenheim, Head of Policy and Communications, Fundraising Regulator
 July 2017    Small Audit Functions Meeting (Special Interest Group)  

 2017 AGM 

 Alix Garfath-Cox, Crowe Clark Whitehill - What Charities Need to Know about GDPR

 Gaynor Miller, Christian Aid & Mark Lomas, Water Aid - Peer Review Case Study

 April 2017        Matthew Evans - CIAN Benchmarking Survey Results

 Professor Jeffrey Ridley, FIIA CIA FCIS - Creative and Innovative Auditing

 Louis Dockree, Moore Stephens - Counter Fraud/Bribery Policies
 February 2017 Andrew Parkes, Malaria Consortium - Business Continuity for Charities

Lorraine Owens, Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP - Employment Tax Update for Charities
 October 2016 Liz Sandwith, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (CIIA) - CIIA Update and How it Can Support CIAN

 Gill Eastwood, Canal & River Trust - My Journey as a Head of Audit/ Co-sourcing/ Outsourcing

 Judith Miller, Sayer Vincent LLP - Organisational Culture and Internal Audit 

 July 2016

 Sara I. James, Getting Words to Work - Practical and playful tips on report-writing

 John Chesshire, JC Audit Training Ltd - How to lose £2.6m and get promoted: the perils of mandate fraud

 April 2016

 Gerald Bates, Moore Stephens and Stephanie Bidden, Bates Wells Braithwaite - Managing Partnerships – Implementing Programmes

 Martyn Croft, Salvation Army - Information Security in the Third Sector

 January 2016

 Gary Evans, FIT Business Solutions Limited - Fundraising and Data Protection

 Jonathan Orchard, Sayer Vincent LLP, Rachel Mandeville, Wellcome Trust - Key Risk Management Lessons and Opportunities from Kids Company

 October 2015

 Mayur Paul, Bond – Reputation Risk

 Mark Edwards, Capital Network Solutions Ltd – Cybersecurity

 April 2015    

 Angus Farr, Training Counts - 7 communication mistakes no IA professional should make

 Mark Leckie, Haysmacintyre - purchasing and procurement

 October 2014

 Paul Harley, BHBi - Integrated Assurance

 October 2014

 Training workshop: John Baker, Moore Stephens - Counter fraud and reducing fraud in the procurement chain

 July 2014

 Ben Densham, Nettitude Ltd - Cybersecurity

 Daniel Fluskey, Institute of Fundraising - Keeping fundraising on the straight and narrow

 January 2014

 Matthew Leitch, Matthew Leitch Associates - Risk Management: What to audit when most of it isn't on a risk register

 Christina Barbulescu, Crowe Clark Whitehill – IT Issues for Charities

 October 2013

 Tony Steinthal, Chantrey Vellacott DFK - Gift Aid

 Gary Shipsey, Proctecture UK - Data Protection

 July 2013

 Martin Robinson, Fraud Advisory Panel - Charity Fraud

 Guy Biggin, Crowe Clark Whitehill - Fraud Risk & Response

 April 2013

 Helen Elliott, Sayer Vincent - PAYE Audits

 John Mercer, National Theatre - Auditing Projects

 January 2013

 Chris Baker, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors - CIIA's guidance on complying with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) in small audit teams

 Martyn Croft, Chief Information Officer, Salvation Army - Risks around social media and information systems in general

 October 2012

 Survey of Internal Audit - Robin Pritchard, Birmingham City Business School

 July 2012

 Pesh Framjee, Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill - Charities Update

 Guy Biggin, Senior Manager, Crowe Clark Whitehill - Risk Management

 April 2012

 Neil Mutton, Q&A People Matter – Pensions Auto-Enrolment

 David Waller, NatCen Social Research Benford's Law - Homing in on Payables Fraud

 January 2012

 Martin W Lewis, Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management, The Royal British Legion - Fundraising

 Gavin Davey, Director, Mazars - IT Assurance for non IT experts

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