Cialis Tabs for daily use

Tired of Waiting 40 to 90 Minutes for an Erection? Cialis Soft Tabs May be the Answer.
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Cialis Soft tabs can get you hard in 15 minutes or less! A normal Cialis pill will produce an erection in about 60 to 90 minutes and if you're one of the lucky guys maybe you're able to get hard in approximately 40 minutes, but isn't that still too long? 
If you're like me and believe that sex should be a spontaneous event and not planned ahead then switching to cialis soft tabs may be the answer for you. Why?

    Cialis soft tabs contain the exact same active component (Tadalafil Citrate) as the regular pills, but the only thing that changes is the absorption process. Unlike normal pills, Cialis Soft tabs are not swallowed nor digested. The drug is absorbed by the body very quickly through a process called sublingual absorption. This is just a fancy way of saying "under the tongue". Sublingual absorption is a method of administering Tadalafil Cialis in a way that is rapidly absorbed by the blood vessels found under the tongue instead of having to go through the digestive tract. The drug is quickly absorbed by a process of diffusion known as osmosis. After osmosis happens the drug hits the blood stream immediately and that's why it works so quickly. It also works regardless of the food you eat.
Since Cialis Soft tabs bypass the digestive tract, greasy or heavy foods won't delay the time it takes for the drug to be absorbed into the bloodstream. You can eat pizza and still satisfy your partner in bed, which is not the case with traditional Cialis that is heavily affected by your eating habits. With traditional pills you have to wait until the drug has been fully digested before it can enter the blood stream. Since foods that are high in saturated fat slow down the digestion process an erection will take much longer to happen after you have eaten them. Don't get me wrong, this is not an invitation to take Cialis soft tabs and then go on an unhealthy eating binge. However, it is still good to know that with Cialis soft tabs, the type of food we eat won't have a profound effect on our ability to get it up.


    There are both generic, as well as name brand versions of Cialis soft tabs. The pills are usually small lozenge tablets and come in various flavors including mint, banana, strawberry, lemon, etc… Most pills come in 20 mg presentations but the normal dosage taken is only 10 mg, or half a pill. Cialis soft tabs can easily be broken in half.


how to use cialis
The small lozenge tablet should be placed under the tongue approximately 10 to 15 minutes before having sexual intercourse. The pill will quickly become absorbed by the blood vessels under the tongue and the active content (Tadalafil Citrate) will make its way into the blood stream immediately thereafter. Do not swallow the pill. Just keep it under the tongue until it completely disappears. About 10 to 15 minutes afterwards, with the proper stimulation, you should be able to get and maintain an erection. In the meantime you can use foreplay or any other technique to keep your partner in the mood. It is recommended that most people start out using only 10 mg dosages (1/2 a pill) and then depending on the results either increase or decrease the dosage. Be sure to consult your doctor as to the appropriate starting dosage for you.


    Cialis soft tabs should always be taken according to your doctors instructions. Like Viagra and Levitra, Cialis tabs is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which simply relaxes the arteries within the penis to the point where they allow blood to flow into the penile chamber and hence cause an erection. One of the risks associated with phosphodiesterase inhibitors (more commonly known as PDE5 inhibitors) is that they can lower a person's blood pressure. This may put people who already suffer from low blood pressure at risk and therefore, people with such problems may not be able to take Cialis in either pill or soft tab form.

    People taking high blood pressure medication or any other prescription drug will also need to consult their doctor as to the advisability of mixing any two or more medicaments. Combining Cialis soft tabs with excessive alcohol usage can also lower blood pressure levels to dangerous ranges.

    In rare cases, Cialis and/or Cialis Soft tabs may produce allergic reactions. An allergic reaction to Cialis may likely produce rashes, make a person really dizzy, cause abnormal sweating, or even cause breathing difficulties.

    Normal side effects can include headaches, heartburn, flushing, muscle or back pain, nausea, mucus accumulation (stuffy or runny nose), or possibly even temporary vision alterations. Some people will start to see things with a blue tinge and may even have trouble differentiating between the color blue and the color green but this is not common. 

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