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Tutorials on Podcasting

Podcasting tutorials

The thing that’s nice about podcasting is that there are very few barriers to entry. If you have a desire to listen to podcasts, it is easy to do so. If you wish to create your own podcasts for others to hear, you can easily do that as well. You don’t need a portable device to subscribe to podcasts (though you will likely want one once you get hooked), furthermore, you need little more than a computer with a microphone and Internet access to begin authoring your own podcasts.

How to podcast - basic podacsting tools

Here is a brief overview of the podcasting software you’ll need.

Video podcasting tutorials

This tutorial explains how to edit your website to include a 1-click subscribe button for iTunes and also shows you how to obtain and insert Google Ads.

Podcasting tutorial

Podcasting is simply distributing audio content using RSS. The process is suprisingly simple, and by making audio content available using RSS, podcasters give listeners more control over what they listen to and when. Also, many podcasts are available for syndication, which increases a broadcasters exposure.

How to pocast

The definitive step-by-step guide on how to podcast
(including getting started, marketing, improving audio quality,
making money, and more). This is the home of the free podcast tutorial that will take your podcast from concept to launch fast and for minimal cost

Podcasting how to

Tutorials to learn how to do podcasts. the site also offe links to podcasting software and sample podcasts