Teaching Materials

Tools to Create teaching materials

Tools to Create teaching materials

Eclipse crosswords is the fast, easy, freeway to create crosswords puzzles in minutes.
Downloadable - No web hosting
Interactive exercise maker.
The glossmaker will take a block of text (with or without HTML) and allow you to put [brackets] around words you want to gloss or annotate.
The dictomaker creates a series of frames based page that use an online dictionary to automatically “gloss” your text. Students highlight a word, it’s transferred to a dictionary and it looks up the word automatically.
The clozemaker will take a block of text (with or without HTML) and allow you to put [brackets] around words you want to cloze or use as a fill-in-the-blank answer.
The evalmaker will take two blocks of text (questions and answers) and create an exercise that a student can use to evaluate his or her own answers. This form allows you to include language-specific title, instructions, and a media file.
The matchmaker allows you to create a matching exercise in two columns. Students provide letters in blanks. Incorrect answers are erased and they can try again. Customizable feedback.
The multimaker allows you to enter as many multiple choice questions in an exercise as you like. This “maker” does not create an edit page. Include your own title, instructions and individualized feedback for each answer.
No registration needed - No web hosting
The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is not freeware, but it is free of charge for those working for publicly-funded non-profit-making educational institutions, who make their pages available on the web.
Downloadable - No web hosting

Custom Classroom gives you access to some of the most powerful teaching tools available online — plus the ability to save documents in your own personal account. You can create and save puzzles with Puzzlemaker, create, save and administer quizzes with Quiz Center, and create and save worksheets with our newest tool, Worksheet Generator. More tools will be added, so keep checking!
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Project Poster allows students to make online school projects and short reports quickly and easily. Students can include one image (.gif or .jpg format), four links to other Web pages, and a report of up to 3,500 characters. These posters are available to the public on the Internet after they have been reviewed.
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Quia Web is one of the world’s most popular educational technology Web sites. It pioneered the “create-your-own” concept, giving instructors the ability to create customized educational software online, built around their own course materials and made available to students over the Web.
Free 30-day trial + Web hosting
Free Software For Teachers! Using this software and Resource Search Tool (right) you can make stimulating classroom exercises in minutes
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Customize these FREE, ready-to-use reproducibles to create great classroom materials.

Graphic Organizers
Assess students’ skills using one of our handy helpers.
Rubric Maker
Adapt each one accordingly for every lesson.
Flash Card Maker
Create interactive cards with math problems or vocabulary words.
Spelling Wizard
Customize two interactives for spelling and vocabulary practice.
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TrackStar is your starting point for online lessons and activities. Simply collect Web sites, enter them into TrackStar, add annotations for your students, and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track. Create your own Track or use one of the hundreds of thousands already made by other educators. Search the database by subject, grade, or theme and standard for a quick and easy activity. There is a fun Track already made for each day of the year, too!
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Web Worksheet Wizard is one of the many 4Teachers.org online tools. This web-based utility will allow you to create a lesson, worksheet, or class page and publish it on the World Wide Web.
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Create stand-aline tests to run from your pC or server with JavaScript Wizard. To run atest from an ordinary PC just uone it with your brwoser.
No registration needed - No web hosting
A suite of wizards that create webbased activities for language learning and practice.
No registration needed - No web hosting
Previously known as QuizMaker it is a freeware software for Windows that enables you to create multimedia quizzes as HTML documents. This program simplifies quiz-making in HTML without any prior knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.
Downloadable - No web hosting

Quiz maker, quiz Creator, Quiz Builder, Quiz writer, Quiz producer.
No registration needed - No web hosting

Access QuizStar from work or home
- Create quizzes for students to take and review online
- Utilize the robust Report Management tools
- Create multi-lingual quizzes
- and much more!
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Script-O! is the ideal tool for all teachers and trainers in any subject area or discipline looking for a simple way to create online quizzes, tests and activities. With just a few simple steps, instructors can create online quizzes in a variety of formats and publish them on the web. Teachers can post quizzes to their own Class Page so that students can access them using a Course ID. Customization options allow users to have immediate access to their quiz scores as well as explanations to responses. Results can be collected, easily reviewed, and printed after a test has been taken. Numerous other features such as a Use it for online quizzes in all subject areas, language tests, placement tests, academic assessments, web-based training, distance learning, needs assessments, course evaluations, product training and much more!
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Downloadable packs to create vocabulary ganes with or without voice.
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Use the Crossword Puzzle Helper to inspire you in the most difficult of riddles.Word jumbles, or anagrams, are quickly solved and defined with our simple Anagram Solver.Teachers will save time with the Vocabulary Quiz Builder, which helps you generate customized, publishable vocabulary quizzes.Create your own mini-dictionary with the Glossary Maker, a handy way to make handouts.
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Webquests tempates

Anybody with the only ability to use the Internet browser can make a WebQuest page on-line

PHP Webquest is an educational free software for creating Webquest, Miniquest and Treasure Hunts without the need of writng any HTML code or using web editing software. The users can also edit or delete the activities create by them.

Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities. Support is built-in along the way through Mentality Tips. In the end, you’ll create a web-based activity you can share with others even if you don’t know anything about HTML or serving web pages.
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This site is designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with the web. By pointing to excellent examples and collecting materials developed to communicate the idea, all of us experimenting with WebQuests will be able to learn from each other.


  • Setting up a Form Template in Word

  • Using SUM on Word Forms and Templates


    Word Tutorial

    In your work, you may find that you need to create and edit text documents with another person, or with a group, or you may wish to create collaborative exercises for your class. Fortunately, Word takes into consideration this potential, and comes equipped with several features that make the group reviewing process easier.