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Blogging Samples

apcampbell Blog Archive Interactive Webpublishing 2006

Bee’s blogs

Bee Online

Barbara Dieu’s blog at, Good example of blog.

Bee’s Web

Barbara Dieu’s - Bee - Blog at Edublog

Blogging as an exploration

Barbara Dieu power Point presentation for BAW06 week 3.

USA CONNECTION - bee’s blog with students.

This project has brought together seventy 8/9th grade students from the Lycée Pasteur, the Franco-Brazilian school in São Paulo and students from 9 schools all over the United States. It was planned and conducted by Barbara Dieu, teacher of English as a Foreign Language , with the help of teachers from different areas.

Ewan’s blogs

edublogs - Ewan’s Blog

Ewan Mcintosh shows how blogs and podcasts aren’t just a gimmick: they can be used to provide powerful learning.

Elgg - Community Learning Space

Musselburgh Grammar School Online Home - mgsOnline

Welcome to Musselburgh Grammar School’s international learning zone, funded by Learning & Teaching Scotland’s ICT Enhancement Awards. The funding was received in order to emulate the success of the school’s languages website,, and the project is managed by Ewan McIntosh of the Modern Languages Department.

Paris-Normandy 2004 - students blog

Paris-Normandy 2005 - students’ blog

Blogs by pupils from Musselburgh Grammar School while they were in France for the annual history and French trip.